Best Practices for Promoting Dutchie Pay

Customers who pay with Dutchie Pay spend on average 27% more per order. The more your customers know about DutchiePay, the more they’ll use it. That’s why we’ve created quick tips and hints on how to increase consumer adoption so you avoid the hassle of cash, get tips* and spend more time selling products.

How to talk to customers about Dutchie Pay

Quick and easy tips on introducing Dutchie Pay in customer conversations.
Quick pitch
Example pitch
Dutchie Pay is a cash-free option that’s super easy to sign up for. To sign up, all you have to do is select Dutchie Pay when you are checking out online.

Then, you're good to go! Every purchase you make here moving forward will only take one click.
Hit the highlights
β€’ Convenient: No more need for cash or cards.
β€’ Accessible: Dutchie Pay integrates with 95% of US banks.
β€’ Safe: Dutchie will never share customers’ financial information.
β€’ Appealing: Join the thousands of customers that use Dutchie Pay everyday for their cannabis goods.
Where can shoppers learn more?
Consumer landing page ->

When to talk about Dutchie Pay

Anytime! We’ve outlined below a few moments in the shopping experience where you could bring it up, but you know your customers best.
ATM withdrawals
When customers go to your ATM to withdraw cashβ€”this is a prime opportunity to let them know that you now offer Dutchie Pay.
Helpful starters
Safe & secure
"Ditch the cash for Dutchie, the safe and secure way to pay for cannabis while avoiding dealing with clunky ATM machines."
"Skip the ATM lines and save time and money with Dutchie Pay."
Paying with cash
When customers come to the register to pay with cash, this is another perfect opportunity to let them know that you now accept Dutchie Pay β€” they can even sign up on the spot and use Dutchie Pay for their order if they’d like.
Helpful starters
β€œWe also offer a secure cashless way to pay called Dutchie Pay. Would you like to give it a try?”
β€œPay ahead with Dutchie Pay and save time and money on your next transaction.”
During delivery
If your dispensary offers delivery, your delivery driver can alert customers that you now take Dutchie Pay and that your customers can order online without worrying about cash when the delivery arrives.
Helpful starters
"When you pay with Dutchie Pay you no longer have to worry about having cash on hand for delivery."