September 2, 2022

4 tips to introduce your customers to cashless payments at your dispensary

September 2, 2022

Cashless payments” is no longer a cannabis industry buzzword—it's proving to be a crucial component of dispensary success in 2022 and beyond.

Cannabis payment processors like digital ACH bank transfers and PIN debit are quickly growing in popularity. However, as a retailer, your job doesn’t end at implementing a digital or cashless payments solution. You need to help your customers understand how—and why—that option is better than cash.

In an industry where cash has long reigned supreme, convincing customers to use other payment methods might seem funny. But the truth is, cashless options are a much safer (and more convenient) option for both customers and dispensaries.

In this article, we’ll introduce 4 ways to increase adoption of cashless payments at your cannabis dispensary, including:

  1. Displaying signage in-store
  2. Promoting on your website and ecommerce menu
  3. Running digital marketing campaigns
  4. Training your budtenders and equipping them with the appropriate talking points

1. Display signage in-store

You want your customers to notice that you offer cashless payments at your dispensary.

Traditional advertising tells us that consumers need to be exposed to an ad 7 times before they notice it. In this case, that’s probably overkill, but you still need to nudge customers in the right direction if you want to increase adoption of your new payment offering.

Below are some easy and effective ways to advertise cashless payments in your dispensary.

  • Offer personalized business cards
  • Have one-pagers on-hand that describe your payment solution
  • Hang signs on your front door that show your solution in action or say something like “pay using [insert payment method]”
  • Use signage at your register to spark interest

Your payments partner should have these materials readily available and shipped to your dispensary so you can get started.

2. Promote cashless payments on your ecommerce menu

In order for your customers to understand that you have new payment offering, your website needs to be updated—especially if you’re offering online payments for ecommerce. In this case, your ecommerce menu in particular is prime real estate for communicating specials, discounts, promotions, and of course, the payment methods you accept.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Display a banner at the top of your home page announcing the new payment service
  • Add a landing page to your site that explains details of your cashless payment option
  • Include an FAQ section on your website that answers common questions about non-cash cannabis payments

‍You might not have to include all of the above information on your site, but the more context you’re able to provide, the more comfortable your customers will feel with your cashless payment solution.

3. Cozy up with some digital marketing

Run a digital marketing campaign to target both current and prospective customers at your dispensary. The goal of the campaign should be to let your audience know you know accept cashless payments.

The best digital marketing strategies are done over multiple channels. Here are some popular options:

  • Email: If you have an email database of customers or regularly send emails out, this one will be easy. Just schedule and send emails that promote your new payment option and discuss its benefits. Dispensaries in the U.S. can even opt to provide discounts for going cashless.
  • Social media: LinkedIn is the most cannabis-friendly social media platform. Stricter policies on Instagram and Facebook make it almost impossible for dispensaries to advertise, but there's one workaround: user-generated content.
  • SMS: If you’re already sending out SMS messages, then you should be including announcements about your digital payment options. Create simple yet engaging notifications to send out to your audience to keep them in the loop and inform them of new ways to pay.

Ideally, your payment provider will help you with assets to post to social as well as some copy to use across your channels.

4. Train your budtenders to talk about cashless payments

Budtenders are the ambassadors of your cannabis dispensary. Their attitude will quickly convince (or deter) customers on the fence about your digital payment options, so make sure they're up-to-speed on the benefits of your new payment solution for customers.

Your budtenders should be able to answer the following questions as they relate to your cashless payment solution:

  • How does it work?
  • What does sign up involve?
  • What will show up on my bank statement?
  • Why is this option is better than cash?
  • What are other customers saying about it?

Many payments companies will provide training for your dispensary staff. Make sure to check with your provider to find out if this is an option.

When to talk to customers about cashless payments

Anytime is a great time to introduce the value of cashless payments to your customers! We’ve pulled together a few specific moments during the shopping experience to get you started, but you know your customers best.

  • After ATM withdrawals. One prime opportunity to tee up cashless payments is when you see a customer has taken out cash at one of your ATMs. Talk to them about unnecessary fees and the overall inconvenience. Remember to respect their privacy and give them space—don’t approach them while they’re using the ATM.
  • During cash transactions. When customers approach the register ready to pay with cash is another perfect opportunity to let them know you accept cashless payments and educate them on the benefits.
  • During delivery. If your dispensary offers delivery, your delivery driver can alert customers to the fact that you accept cashless payments, allowing your customers to order online without worrying about cash when delivery comes.

As the banking and financial services outlook improves for the cannabis industry, both payment providers and cannabis retailers will see an increase in adoption.

Interested in accepting cashless payments at your cannabis dispensary?

Dutchie Pay is a fully-integrated digital payment solution that both dispensaries and consumers can trust for cashless payments. Using a closed-loop automatic clearing house (ACH) solution, Dutchie Pay allows consumers to purchase their favorite cannabis products while automating compliance so that dispensaries can focus on growing their business.

Oh, and did we mention that over 70% of shoppers who use Dutchie Pay at a dispensary return to that dispensary within 90 days?

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