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5 steps to finding the right cannabis POS

March 8, 2022

As the cannabis landscape continues to evolve, selecting the right software (or even full tech stack) becomes even more critical to your business operations.

But with over 60 vendors and countless solutions to choose from, one question remains: how can cannabis business owners cut through the noise to find a point of sale system that adapts to their needs? 

In our guide, Choosing a Point of Sale System for Cannabis Retail, we’ll show you  how to approach your decision, knowing  compliance is  the #1 key to your success. We’ll also discuss  the importance of speed, reliability, compliance, and analytics—and the role they play in keeping your business on the cutting edge.


Step 1: Get up to speed on basic compliance principles

From traceability to cannabis taxes, regulation is essential if you want to keep your license valid and your business booming.

Step 2: Use features that save time

Wasted time is a big sore spot for retailers, since they’re often tasked with overseeing manual processes that are constantly changing with each market. We’ve determined how to automate parts of your dispensary workload so you can focus on sales volume.

Step 3 : Have a contingency plan for outages

To ensure nothing falls through the cracks, you need things to work during an internet outage—without experiencing glitches.

Step 4: Automate state traceability

Since our products are built with compliance top of mind, we know how to help you look for state traceability, seamless integrations with seed to sale reporting, inventory management, and more.

Step 5: Monitor product and budtender performance with analytics

To further streamline your dispensary operations, you’ll need a robust set of business insights and product analytics. With Dutchie, you’ll know who your top-performing budtenders are, and when to best utilize them. You can also easily determine which products are generating the most sales—and why.


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