April 26, 2023

Far & Dotter Boosts Cashless AOV by 25% in 30 Days with PIN Debit

Lindsay Crafford
April 26, 2023

Located in Timonium, Maryland, Far & Dotter is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary on a mission to help demystify the changing cannabis landscape. Their diverse team honors the wisdom and personal care from family doctors and neighborhood pharmacists while taking an innovative approach to medicinal cannabis and holistic wellness. 

Far & Dotter brings best-in-class products, educational events, holistic health services, and wellness experts all under one roof.

The problem: preparing for an influx of new customers

In November 2022, Maryland became the 21st state to legalize adult-use recreational cannabis. As a fast-follow in February 2023, state lawmakers introduced adult-use cannabis legislation that would give medical cannabis operators like Far & Dotter a leg up, while also aiming to create equitable opportunities in the industry. 

This meant that Far & Dotter, a licensed medical cannabis dispensary, could begin selling adult-use cannabis on July 1, 2023. 

According to MJBizDaily estimates, an adult-use market in Maryland would generate $550 million to $600 million in its first year—and up to $1 billion in its fourth year. Knowing they could see up to a 10x increase in foot traffic, Evan Willner and his team began preparing Far & Dotter for the inevitable influx of recreational consumers. 

The solution: improving checkout efficiency and boosting revenue with cashless payments

One way the Far & Dotter team knew they could meet demand and improve checkout efficiency was through implementing cashless payments. 

Cashless payment alternatives like PIN debit and ACH payments promised a more convenient way to pay, while speeding up transaction times and increasing cart sizes by enabling non-cash payment options. Dutchie’s data shows that consumers spend up to 25% more on average when they aren't limited to the cash in their wallet.

In order to make the most of their newly-expanded customer base, Willner invested in PIN debit and ACH payments from Dutchie. His goal? To transition as many medical patients onto cashless payments as possible—if existing customers adopted a more efficient payment method, Far & Dotter could significantly decrease wait times come July 1st.

“We wanted to get as many medical patients using cashless payments as we could before opening our doors to adult-use customers,” said Willner. 

With fully-integrated PIN debit, Far & Dotter could increase revenue and streamline the checkout experience with a secure, convenient, and cashless way for patients to purchase their favorite cannabis products.

The outcome: boosted AOV and a new favorite way to pay

On January 31st, 2023, Far & Dotter went live with cannabis PIN debit processing from Dutchie. Within the first 30 days, their cashless average order value (AOV) skyrocketed by 25%. What’s more, the average PIN debit transaction at Far & Dotter is 29% higher than what most Dutchie retailers see. 

Today, PIN debit is a patient favorite at Far & Dotter, driving 14% higher basket sizes than orders paid with cash. “[PIN debit] allows our patients to escape the cash trap while boosting our AOV and reducing risk” adds Willner. 

Future-proof your dispensary with cashless cannabis payments from Dutchie

With momentum building around the normalization of cannabis banking and payments, dispensaries with fully-integrated PIN debit will be best-positioned to accept credit cards in the future.

Dutchie is here to support retailers of all sizes with our industry-leading Payments solutions. Our integrated PIN debit solution, in conjunction with Dutchie Pay's successful launch of in-store payments, allows us to streamline your business operations with payment solutions you need—and your customers love. 

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