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How Canadian cannabis retailers can successfully navigate ongoing service interruptions in BC and Ontario

Jay Rosenthal
August 29, 2022

On Friday, August 19, 2022, the Dutchie team hosted a live webinar on Navigating Service Interruptions in the Ontario and British Columbia Cannabis Markets.

In both Ontario and British Columbia, the Province serves as both the cannabis wholesaler for private cannabis retail stores and a cannabis retailer. But over the past several weeks, private cannabis retailers have dealt with uniquely challenging circumstances. In Ontario, a cyber attack on a the Ontario Cannabis Store—the Province’s wholesaler—caused service disruptions resulting in retailers missing wholesale shipments to their stores. In British Columbia, a job action and strike have led to similar outcomes for British Columbia's private cannabis retail operators.

As a partner to our private cannabis retailers, Dutchie hosted a rapid-response webinar to help provide an update to the fluid situation in both Canadian Provinces as well as strategies and tactics retailers can and should be using right now to manage their operations.

The current state of cannabis retail in Ontario and British Columbia

Jaclynn Pehota heads up the Retail Cannabis Council of British Columbia (RCCBC), an established non-profit industry advocate group that gives private cannabis retailers a voice with regulators.

For the last 7 years RCCBC, formerly ACCRES, has been a trusted resource for municipal, provincial and federal regulators. RCCBC is founding member of national national association, the Retail Cannabis Council of Canada—so she has a strong grasp of what’s happening across the country.

Pehota shared up-to-the-minute details on the latest news coming from Ontario’s and British Columbia's Provincial cannabis wholesalers.

How cannabis retailers should be thinking about their operations right now

To round out the program, Krista Raymer, Jazz Samra, and Andrew Gordon joined forces for a panel discussion about how retailers can—and should—be thinking about their current operations given the ongoing service disruptions.

Krista Raymer is the founder of Vetrina Group, a cannabis retail consultancy based in Canada and working throughout North America, Jazz Samra is the founder of cannabis retailer Sativa Bliss in Ontario, and Andrew Gordon represents the British Columbia-based retailer THC Canada. Later in the segment, Jaclynn Pehota from the Retail Cannabis Council of BC rejoined the program to provide further insights to audience questions.

How Dutchie is supporting Canadian cannabis retailers

Nicole Caldwell, the Canada Territory Manager for Customer Success at Dutchie helped kick off the program to provide an overview of how the Customer Success team at Dutchie is structured to support cannabis retailers in Canada.

If you're a cannabis retailer in Canada who has questions about how Dutchie can help your business, don't wait—contact us today. We'd love to connect!

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