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Webinar wrap-up: What you need to know about opening a cannabis dispensary in Vermont

Jay Rosenthal
August 10, 2022

On August 10th, Dutchie and Vermont Cannabis Solutions hosted a webinar titled, Tips for Launching a Cannabis Business in Vermont. The live session included a regulatory overview of the current state of adult-use retail in Vermont, key challenges and best practices for cannabis dispensaries, and a quick overview of cannabis business insurance.

Vermont Cannabis Today: Andrew Subin and Timothy Fair, Vermont Cannabis Solutions

Andrew Subin and Timothy Fair of Vermont Cannabis Solutions gave an overview of the current regulatory environment in Vermont, including license tiers, relative number of licenses per tier, and how the licensing has gone to date. As well, Subin and Fair projected how the next several months will play out for Vermont cannabis.

Cannabis Operations Overview: Justin Lipchitz, Solutions Engineer, Dutchie

Justin Lipchitz is a Solutions Engineer at Dutchie - which means he works closely with dispensaries around the country to get them up and running - and keeping them profitable and strong. Lipchitz provided webinar attendees with some of the key challenges and solutions for cannabis dispensaries, especially during launch. He touched on inventory management, staffing and training, compliance, and overall operations and how it interacts with technology.

Cannabis Insurance Overview: Mauricio Comi, Head of Insurance, Dutchie

Our final presenter was Mauricio Comi, Head of Dutchie Insurance. Comi provided a brief overview about cannabis business insurance. And, like Lipchitz mentioned earlier in the program, operating a cannabis business is not necessarily like running a regular business. Further to the remarks of Vermont Cannabis Solutions, Vermont is doing things a bit differently than other markets. Mauricio stop in to share a bit about cannabis business insurance and how would-be business owners ought to be thinking about it sooner than later, especially in Vermont.

If you would like more information about how Dutchie can help you launch your cannabis business in Vermont, please contact Gabriela Rodriguez.

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