Ditch the
cash with
dutchiePay Dutchie Pay

Skip the ATM with Dutchie Pay, the simple, secure, and cashless way to pay for cannabis.

Discover how easy it is to use Dutchie Pay.

Shop at your favorite dispensaries online or in store and choose Dutchie Pay as your payment method at checkout.
Quickly go through our one-time signup flow to securely connect your bank account with Dutchie Pay.
Complete your purchase with a single click. Dutchie Pay will transfer the funds to the dispensary, and your order is complete.

Connect to the future of cashless cannabis shopping.


Whether you’re shopping in store, ordering online, or getting a delivery, you can easily pay for your favorite cannabis products wherever Dutchie Pay is accepted.


After a quick and secure one-time sign-up, payments will be sent directly from your bank account to the dispensary. Dutchie will always protect your financial information.


No more last minute ATM runs before shopping. Simply link your bank account and start experiencing the cashless future of cannabis.

Using Dutchie Pay

What is Dutchie Pay?

How do I sign up for Dutchie Pay?

Is Dutchie Pay safe?

How does Dutchie Pay work?

What should I do once I have placed an order with Dutchie Pay and am ready to pick it up or have it delivered from my local dispensary?

How will Dutchie Pay purchases appear on my bank statements?

How soon after I place an order with Dutchie Pay will the money come out of my account?

I’m setting up my account but don’t see my bank listed. Can I still use Dutchie Pay?

Can I switch my bank account once I have created a Dutchie Pay account?

Why was my Dutchie Pay transaction declined?

Why am I being asked to relink my bank account to Dutchie Pay?

What do I do if I think there was an error with a Dutchie Pay transaction on my bank account?

What should I do if I can’t log into my bank account?

ABOUT dutchie

Creating safe and easy access to cannabis.

Dutchie is an all-in-one technology platform powering the cannabis industry with Point of Sale, Ecommerce, Payments, and more. Through our technology we’re helping cannabis businesses start, operate, and grow with confidence.

Dutchie was born from a core set of values that define who we are and the world we want to create. Together with our 5,000+ dispensary partners, we're working to create safe and easy access to cannabis.