Cannabis payment solutions

Simple, secure and cashless payment processing for cannabis.

Our payment solutions seamlessly integrate with Dutchie POS and Ecommerce products to create hyper-efficient workflows, eliminate redundancies, and reduce errors.
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Our solutions

In-store debit payments

Safe, secure, in-store debit payments for cannabis.
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Add convenience

Offer your customers a familiar checkout experience with a simple debit insert and PIN entry.

Take payments on-the-go

Accept customer payments at the counter, curbside, or upon delivery with Wi-Fi & 4G terminals.

Reduce cash management

Reduce your dependency on cash by an estimated 40% with in-store debit.
An ACH based digital payment solution consumers can easily sign-up for and use to pay for their orders online.
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Maximize revenue

Reduce abandoned pickup orders, gain more repeat customers, and experience on average a 19% increase in basket sizes.

Reduce cash management

Having cash on-site introduces errors and security risks. Dutchie Pay helps you protect the safety of your business, customers, and staff.

One-click convenience

Following a simple one time setup, new and loyal customers can make purchases directly at checkout.
Approved by the national governing body for ACH transactions as a fully compliant solution for digital payments.

Debit & credit card processing

Our secure payments solution allows cannabis  retailers to accept in-store payments, easily perform reconciliation, and keep sales numbers  compliant.
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Choose from two pricing models

Our customizable rate solutions are built for your business. Plans like interchange plus and flat rate pricing fit your budget with no hidden fees.

Reduce operational complexities

Integrated with Dutchie POS, our payments solutions provide everything you need to seamlessly track and report customer purchases.

Cashless dispensary payments

Reduce the risks associated with cash management.

Improve security

Handling large sums of cash is risky business. Dutchie Pay protects your store by letting you accept payments digitally.

Increase accuracy

Prevent inventory and compliance issues with accurate tracking and reporting of payments—all in one place.

Reduce overhead

Cut the costs and hassle of counting, managing, and storing your cash on-site with seamless online transactions.

Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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