cannabis pos reporting & analytics

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Cannabis reporting, simplified
Advanced business intelligence and tools that provide your dispensary with powerful and actionable insights to make smarter & faster business decisions.
Big data at your fingertips
Collect data across multiple locations to track transactions, popular products, busiest hours, average cart sizes and more.
Built-in dashboards
Intuitive dashboards with point-in-time reporting provide access to historical data captured in realtime β€” and other key metrics for your dispensary.
Share & export data
Share data with one click reporting templates, printable & exportable to CSV. Integrated with 3rd party API’s for access to essential data that drives actionable reporting.
Schedule reports
Generate weekly or monthly recurring reports to reduce manual reports and meet compliance deadlines.
Multi location support
Centralized source of truth for reporting across multiple locations and channels.
Manage employee permissions
Share access to reports and give leadership visibility to KPIs while maintaining system control.
Actionable Reporting & Insights
Reporting capabilities that provide deeper insights specific to your dispensary to help make informed decisions and drive growth.
Point of Sale
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Easily set up custom report filters to change the way you visualize your data, from quick visuals to detailed and technical datasets.
Point of Sale
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Yes, simply share data with one click reporting templates, printable & exportable to CSV.

Yes, you can customize dashboards unique to any of your locations.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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