cannabis government relations & policy

Fostering fair and sustainable cannabis economic policy
Dutchie’s policy team collaborates with lawmakers, advocates, and industry groups to create safe, accessible and equitable cannabis policies — bringing decades of combined experience to support your business

Working on with lawmakers & regulators on key policies affecting the cannabis industry

Removing unfair 280E Tax
Effect tax rate of 40-80% instead of 21%, and treat cannabis businesses like any other. Allowing them to deduct normal business expenses like other industries, leading to increased profitability & competitiveness.
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Passing SAFE Banking
Enable legal cannabis businesses to access banking services like cashless payments, credit loans, & more. Leading to improved financial stability, increased transparency, and reduced security risks associated with cash-only operations.
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Intoxicating Hemp Reform
Address the safety concerns and unfair competition arising from an unregulated Delta 8 and other hemp derived products that are not subject to the same level of oversight and scrutiny as cannabis.
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Our values
Not business as usual
Dutchie isn't just a POS and payments company, we can be your voice, actively representing the cannabis industry's interests before lawmakers and regulators, from state houses to the US Congress.
Scalable long-term solutions
In a rapidly evolving landscape, Dutchie offers durable, adaptable solutions for your payment needs, rejecting short-term fixes & mitigates business disruptions as the regulatory landscape evolves.
Representation for all
As a national operator with a dedicated government relations team, Dutchie stands shoulder to shoulder with you in Washington, DC. If you're a smaller operator, Dutchie can bring your voice with us to Capitol Hill and bring you opportunities to engage..

How you can make an impact in cannabis policy

If you are interested in getting involved and don’t know where to start, or are looking to rejoin the fight, here are some helpful resources.
Join the US Cannabis Council
The US Cannabis Council (USCC) was established in 2021 to advocate federal cannabis legalization, ensure equitable access to cannabis, and promote restorative justice for affected communities.
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Join the Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform
The Coalition for Cannabis Scheduling Reform (CCSR) aims to influence the Biden Administration's review of cannabis scheduling under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). Their goal is to bring criminal justice reform and relieve tax burdens for cannabis companies by changing the current Schedule I classification.
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Contribute to SuperPAC
Help create a brighter, more just future. By supporting donating to the cause, you are helping to bring about meaningful change and empowering millions of Americans.
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Reach out to your representative
Use this form to find your representative, their contact info and a boilerplate email you can send them to let them know how important these issues are to you.
Enter your info & see who represents you in DC.
Fill out required fields & select the topic “BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES”.
Review the letter content and send.
Partnering with LPP to create change by matching $1 million in donations.
91% of Americans agree cannabis should be legal in some form—yet there are over 40,000 people incarcerated for it in the United States, We’ve partnered with the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit organization founded on the belief that no one should remain incarcerated for cannabis offenses.
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Meet the team
Photo of Bryan Barash speaking into a microphone
Bryan Barash
VP, External Affairs & Deputy General Counsel
Government relations, compliance, & social equity programs, with a background as counsel to state & national leaders.
Ali Amirhooshmand
Director, Head of Government Relations
Background serving in Congress in House Leadership & in gov. affairs roles in the entertainment and tech industries.
Anne Forkutza
Head of Social Impact & Industry Relations
Creating alliances amongst nonprofits, businesses & government partners to foster positive societal change while supporting social impact, workforce development and educational programs.
Matt Cox
Director, Market and Sales Intelligence
Building and fostering licensing & consulting partnerships in emerging markets to enhance program rollouts, remove friction for new cannabis operators and to amplify Dutchie's overall visibility and impact.
Francine Muhammad
Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance
Manages Dutchie's Regulatory Compliance team with a background serving as Compliance Officer to vertically-integrated cannabis companies.
Progress is being made
Just 3 decades ago in the US, being able to purchase cannabis for medicinal purposes, yet alone recreational, was near impossible. Today, cannabis is accessible across more states than it isn’t. Soon to be all if we keep fighting.

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