The flexibility to fit your business.

Cannabis businesses have a number of great options for technology. Whether you use our full suite of native solutions, or choose to integrate them with other tools, a smooth experience will always remain our priority.
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Seamlessly integrated with over 60 technology partners.

We partner with the best in cannabis tech so you can choose the right tool for your needs. From CRM to other point of sale and ecommerce solutions.
Familiar faces
Not only do our solutions integrate with other cannabis providers, but standard business tools such as analytics, accounting, ERPs and more.
Quick, easy setup
Integrations with our solutions are simple to get up and running, and our dedicated customer success and support teams are always standing by for help.
Robust APIs
We’re proud to contribute to a healthy partner ecosystem in cannabis. Our robust set of APIs enable our partners to build progressive, innovative solutions.
Better Together

Seamless native integrations

Within our product portfolio, every Dutchie solution works together to provide an effortless integration and data management experience.

Combine Point of Sale, Ecommerce, and Payments solutions to build a unified technology stack that simplifies your operations.

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We work with the best in our industry to provide full stack, integrated solutions for our customers.
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