Earn $500 for every eligible Point of Sale referral

Earn $200 for every eligible Ecommerce referral

referral bonus

Get up to $500 to spread the word about Dutchie.

If you like Dutchie, tell a friend! Now you can earn cash for referring new dispensaries to Dutchie. Earn $500 for every eligible Point of Sale referral and $200 for Ecommerce — complete the form to apply.

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how it works

Refer a dispensary in minutes and get paid within 90 days.

Complete the referral form
We need a few basic details about the dispensary you refer to start the process.
Let your friend know
We’ll reach out on our end, but it can speed up the process if you give them a heads up.
Get paid
If your referred account signs up for Dutchie within 90 days, we’ll deliver your payment when their shop rings in their first sale

Referral must be submitted through the online form here. Referred account must be a new lead/account in our system. Referred account must close within 90 days of referral submission. Retail/Dispensary owners or key decision-makers cannot refer their own shop. Payout in USD/CAD, dependent on referrer’s local currency.