cannabis dispensary in-store kiosk

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Simplify the checkout process with Kiosks built for cannabis
Lower overhead costs and increase revenue while enhancing the customer experience with In-Store Kiosks.
Process more orders
Self-service kiosks enable dispensaries to process more orders, helping to ensure that the average customer wait times remain low.
Increase staff productivity
Reduce labor costs and redeploy your staff to other business needs by enabling customers to create orders on their own.
Better use of space
Floor space is at a premium in most dispensaries and well designed checkout kiosks offer small footprints.
Drive loyalty
Kiosks are an effective customer engagement & loyalty tool by providing your customers with a frictionless and convenient experience from start to finish.
Sync seamlessly
Menu updates and promotional content will automatically sync across your entire platform and across all POS, Ecomm, and kiosk menus.
Customer convenience
Customers enjoy the convenience of being able to shop without waiting in line. Kiosks are intuitive and easy to use, making them a quick and hassle-free shopping experience.
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Dutchie kiosks provide you with an in-store ordering interface for consumers. The kiosk menu can be loaded onto an in-store device used by customers for a more self-service style in-store ordering experience.

Dutchie Kiosk is a no-cost feature, however, we don’t supply the devices for this specific use. Any device that is web-capable would work for use as a kiosk.

Kiosk displays a menu and checkout experience to your guests that reflects the payment options that you offer within your Dutchie admin.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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