Cannabis payments platform

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Cashless payments stability, contextual upsells, marketing, & so much more
Boost your dispensary's revenue and deliver best-in-class consumer experiences. Dutchie Hub features multiple payment options, greater acceptance rates, along with increased loyalty, upsells and more.
Up to 25% AOV boost with cashless payments
Customers who go through the more familiar retail experience of cashless payments, tend to buy and spend more.
Redundancy in an unstable payments landscape
Experience less payments disruptions with a one-time setup giving you access to multiple payment types and processing methods.
More loyalty signups with digital receipts
Collect your customers' emails in-store to power better marketing, drive more sales, and more.
Personalize products and discounts
You choose how custom you want your menu to be. From color changes to fully on-brand.
Easier setup, less risk, more opportunities
The Dutchie Payments Hub has you covered now, and in the future
We continue to innovate & build new payment products to normalize the cannabis payment experience and provide you with redundancy to remove risk. We’re focusing on what’s next so you don’t have to.

Fully-integrated cashless payments

Reduce cash fees while increasing revenue with integrated support for multiple payment types.
Sleek experience for customers
Delight your customers with familiar, easy-to-use tools to complete their transactions.
Dynamic offers, discounts & loyalty
Sell more with in-context deals, discounts & loyalty based on customer profiles.


Dutchie Hub is a multi-channel payments platform that empowers dispensaries to scale their payments offerings, protect themselves with payments redundancy, drive greater revenue and provide a best-in-class customer experience with targeted deals, discounts and robust loyalty programs.

Dutchie will be launching a Beta period for select dispensaries in Q4 2023. Ask how to join the waitlist today!

Yes, Dutchie Hub will be fully integrated with Dutchie Ecomm and Dutchie Point of Sale.

Yes, Dutchie Hub in-store operates with one of our payment terminals. The PAX A920 and the PAX Aries 8 are both compatible with the Dutchie Hub.

The Aries 8 is a multi-functional, counter-service tablet built for in-store payments at dispensaries. The tablet comes with a large screen that is great for driving consumer engagement with upsell opportunities and dispensary branding.Β 

The A920 is a mobile payment device that was built for budtenders on the go by enabling them to accept payments in-store, curbside and on delivery orders.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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