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Software and tools designed to comply with laws & regulations in every jurisdiction
Robust built-in compliance features help dispensaries automatically set purchase limits, check IDs, maintain purchase & inventory records, and submit records to traceability systems in whichever jurisdiction where you operate.
SOP management
Create, manage and share your SOPs in one, centralized and simple platform.
Manage purchase limits
Manage and track purchase limits for your medical and recreational customers to stay compliant.
Mitigate, identify and track potential issues before a problem occurs and avoid possible fines for noncompliance.
Flexible labeling & packaging
Ensure your products are labeled compliantly with a simple drag & drop label editor.
SOC 1, SOC 2, and HIPAA Compliance
Dutchie makes sure that our systems are compliant and protect all of our customers' information with the highest possible security.
Compliance integrations
Dutchie POS automates the track-and-trace reporting process with two-way integration with every state traceability system, including Metrc, BioTrack, and custom state systems like Washington’s CCRS to help employees reduce time spent receiving, auditing & managing inventory levels.
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Best-in-class policy team
Dutchie’s legal team, with decades of experience, works tirelessly not only provide you the most compliant cannabis solutions, but also to further the industry’s interest in D.C.
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Yes, you must be operating in a state that uses Metrc or Biotrack as its official state traceability system.

Their transaction will be declined because the system will have noticed that they have reached their daily allotment.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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