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Protect your business with Dutchie Insurance, a full-scale cannabis insurance program that caters exclusively to cannabis businesses.
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Tailored insurance coverage for all types of cannabis businesses
Providing solutions for all parts of cannabis businesses, Dutchie is uniquely positioned to understand the risks your business faces.
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Wide Range of Coverage

Dutchie Insurance offers plans for every facet of your business, ranging from property to product liability and everything in between. See below for full coverage options.
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Builders Risk
Building and structural construction related property damage and loss are covered by builders risk insurance. It helps protect your investment in the construction project and ensures financial protection against unforeseen circumstances that could cause damage to the building or construction materials during the course of construction.
Business Owners Policy
Business Owners Policies (BOP) provides small and mid-sized organizations with liability and commercial property protection in one comprehensive insurance package. BOP offers affordable alternatives and streamlines insurance management by combining coverages.
Cargo insurance protects cargo from various possible hazards while they are in transit. Whether your goods are traveling by land, air, or sea, this coverage makes sure that your Β cargo is protected against harm, theft, mishaps, and unanticipated circumstances that can cause financial losses.
Commercial Auto
Commercial Auto covers vehicles used for business, including cars, trucks and vans ect. Commercial Auto can cover vehicle damage, theft, injuries to drivers and other individuals.
Commercial Package
Commercial Package Insurance is a single policy option that gives businesses a practical approach to manage multiple lines of insurance coverage. Β These policies can be specially designed to meet the needs and cover the exposures that are unique to the specific client.
Commercial Crime Insurance protects from business related financial losses due to crime, including theft due to robbery, employee theft, forgery and electronic crime ect.
Cyber Liability
Cyber Liability protects businesses from various technology related risks. Β This coverage can help cover the costs associated with data breaches and cyber attacks on your business.
Directors & Officers (D&O)
D&O Insurance helps protect the Directors, Officers and Board members of a company to protect their personal assets in the event they are personally sued by employees, investors, customers, vendors, competitors or other parties for actual or alleged wrongful acts in managing a company.
Employment Practices Liability
EPLI provides coverage for employers against claims made by employees for employment related issues such as discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination or other violations of employees rights. EPLI helps cover the legal defense costs and claims settlements.
General Liability
General Liability covers claims resulting in bodily injuries and property damage of a 3rd party (general public/clientele) from you operations. Β It may also cover if you are held liability from damages to your leased property.
Product Liability
Product Liability covers claims that result in bodily injuries or property damage due to the products that are sold,manufactured, cultivated, or distributed by your business.
Property Insurance provides protection for your business property, buildings, equipment, stock, and cannabis stock for damage and loss.
Workers’ Compensation
Workers Compensation is required by most states for any business with employees. Β Workers Compensation provides coverage for any job related injury or accident of employees.
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