Cannabis Inventory Management Software

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Control costs, optimize inventory levels, and minimize waste
Streamline operations and increase productivity with an all-in-one solution, built for speed and simplicity to manage your entire operation.
Manage distribution
Track inventory, order-creation, and fulfillments with real-time inventory status updates and location information.
Streamline inventory management
Increase efficiency with a centralized view of inventory levels across dispensaries, warehouses, states & sales channels.
Real-time data insights
Accurately track products in real-time across multiple locations. Monitor stock levels, compare performance, and manage inventory.
Compliance integrations
Two-way integrations with traceability systems like Metrc & BioTrack, help employees reduce time spent receiving, auditing & managing inventory.
Multi location support
Centralized product management provides uniform data across the platform and to 3rd party integrations for multiple locations.
Mitigate, identify and track potential issues before a problem occurs to avoid possible compliance-related fines.
Streamline Productivity
Cut inventory costs, maintain steady stock levels, and expedite product delivery with the industry's most efficient inventory management system.
Point of Sale
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Administrative Control
Administrative system controls over data inputs to ensure accurate data entry and consistent reporting and also user permissions to manage which users are able to conduct specific tasks.
Point of Sale
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Cannabis inventory management is the process you use to order, store, organize, and move stock through your dispensary's supply chain.

State regulations are strict and cannabis inventory has to be hand-delivered from the wholesale source, which means these products need to be sold on a lot-by-lot basis.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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