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How the Minority Cannabis Academy is training the next generation of cannabis business leaders in New Jersey

Jay Rosenthal
August 8, 2022

Each week on Dutchie’s This Week in Cannabis Retail we connect with an expert doing interesting, amazing, important, and impactful work.

On August 5, 2022, we featured a conversation with Brendon Robinson. Robinson is the Co-Founder of 420NJEvents—as well as the CEO of the Minority Cannabis Academy (MCA) based in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The MCA is mid-way through their summer cohort of educating the future leaders in the New Jersey market, so we stopped by to see for ourselves and speak with Brendon about the program, its future, and about the cannabis in New Jersey as a whole.

Learn more about the Minority Cannabis Academy and how Dutchie is supporting their efforts.

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Jay Rosenthal
Lead Content Producer @ Dutchie