December 1, 2022

Finalizing your Alabama cannabis application? Here's what you need to know

Jay Rosenthal
December 1, 2022

On Wednesday, November 30, Dutchie and our partners at Cure8 hosted our second Alabama-focused webinar titled: Getting Ready to Submit Your Alabama Application by December 30th. The webinar was a follow-up to the October 2022 webinar: Best Practices for Preparing a Competitive Application in Alabama.

Applications for cannabis businesses in Alabama are due December 30, 2022, and because of the tight timeline, Dutchie and Cure8 wanted to provide some final tips for cannabis applicants in Alabama.

Three Things to Think About as You Finalize Your Alabama Cannabis Application

Gabi Rodriguez, Dutchie’s lead in Alabama joined the webinar to share her best practices for applicants. She shared her thoughts about moving quickly, understanding the Alabama-mandated METRIC integration, and how to reach out to her for guidance in the coming weeks.

If you have questions about how Dutchie can help you with your Alabama cannabis business application, please contact Gabi Rodriguez.

What Others Might Miss in Their Alabama Cannabis Applications

Eric Schlissel, the Chief Technology Officer at Cure8 shared his thoughts on how Alabama cannabis business applicants should approach the final weeks of application-writing. Specifically, Schlissel shared insight into what some cannabis businesses miss in the process, including building sustainable practices into the application for when the business opens its doors.

Pillars of a successful cannabis business application

At our October webinar, Ashley Picillo of Point Seven Group shared her expertise with attendees when it comes to the cannabis business application-writing. We replayed a portion of her presentation during out November 30th webinar as it has strong guidance about preparing your application for successful review in a competitive application process.

Pro tip: For a detailed guide on how to write your dispensary business plan, check out our blog!

Guide for Alabama Cannabis Industry Applicants

The State of Alabama has put together a guide to would-be cannabis operators in that state to help applicants navigate the process. The site includes details for all license types available in Alabama, including:

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