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Welcome to
Dutchie Pay

This quickstart guide is designed to get you familiar with Dutchie Pay by providing a brief overview of how it works, step-by-step instructions for handling orders, and how to get in touch with Support if you have any questions.

Customers sign up in
3 easy steps

Customers shop in store or online and add items to their cart. At checkout, they simply select Dutchie Pay as their payment method.
Customers go through a one-time signup flow where they will securely connect their bank account with Dutchie Pay.
Customers complete their payment through Dutchie Pay. The next time they shop with you, they simply log into their Dutchie Pay account for one-click checkout. Easy!

How to talk to customers about Dutchie Pay

Quick and easy tips on introducing Dutchie Pay in customer conversations.
Elevator pitch
Example pitch
If you don't want to pay with cash, we have a cash-free option that's super easy to sign up for and doesn't require ANY fees.

To sign up, all you have to do is select Dutchie Pay at checkout. You’ll be guided through a quick one-time sign up where you can securely connect your checking account and then submit your order.

Then, you're good to go! Every purchase you make here moving forward will only take one click.
Additional talking points to reference
β€’ Convenient: you no longer have to fumble with cash or cards.
β€’ Free: there’s no cost to youβ€”not even those pesky ATM fees.
β€’ Flexible: Dutchie Pay integrates with 5k+ US banks, so it’s sure to work with yours.
β€’ Safe: Dutchie will never share your financial information.
Wondering how shoppers can sign up for Dutchie Pay?
Point them to your specific menu URL so they can easily shop from your dispensary, sign up, and complete their order with Dutchie Pay selected as the payment method.

Enabling Dutchie Pay

How to activate Dutchie Pay so you can start accepting cashless payments.
Activate Dutchie Pay for your online store.
Navigate to the Dutchie Admin panel
Go to Settings -> Ordering -> Payment Types
Select Dutchie Pay under Payment Types
Select Dutchie Pay under Payment Types
Point of Sale
Activate Dutchie Pay for your online store.
Navigate to your POS Back Office
Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Dutchie Pay -> Flip Enabled to Yes and save
Set In-Store Tipping Enabled to Yes or No based on your needs
Refresh your POS

How to promote Dutchie Pay in store

These are assets you can download and print out to promote Dutchie Pay inside your dispensary.
β€˜Scan to pay’ signage
These assets include the QR code that customers will need to scan in order to initiate a Dutchie Pay transaction.
Helpful tips
Place the QR code at your point of purchase where it’s easy to see, since your customers will need to point their phone’s camera at it to use Dutchie Pay.
Marketing signage
Here are some materials to let customers know that you accept Dutchie Pay and give them a quick introduction into how it works β€” and how to sign up.
Helpful tips
Table Tents
Place these in areas where your customers will see them while they’re still shopping β€” before they reach your checkout. That way, they know about Dutchie Pay while they’re still thinking about how they want to pay.
Decals & Stickers
Place these outside of your store where customers can see them before entering the store to let them know you accept Dutchie Pay.
Digital wallpapers
Set these images as your wallpaper on TVs and other screens around your store. They’ll let customers know about Dutchie Pay, with a QR code to sign up.
Helpful tips
Make sure you put the wallpaper on a screen that’s a reasonable distance from where customers will be standing, so they can clearly see the QR code.
Bag drops
Your in-store marketing kit includes a set of bag drops, which make it easy to remind customers about Dutchie Pay even after they’ve left your store.
Helpful tips
Give your customers a heads up that you’re adding the Dutchie Pay bag drop to their bag as they check out. That will make them more likely to check it out later.

Dutchie Pay orders

How to manage Dutchie Pay orders in Dutchie POS
Receive order
Ecommerce orders placed and purchased with Dutchie Pay will arrive in the specified status queue on your register.

For in-store orders, follow the standard checkout flow and choose Dutchie Pay as the customer’s payment method.
Finalize order
Once an ecommerce order has been picked up, select Checkout on the register to close out the transaction and complete the order. The register will show that no further payment is needed as payments are pre-authorized at the time of order. If a customer’s account has insufficient funds at the time of reconciliation, a potential loss in revenue could occur.

Getting paid

Revenue for Dutchie Pay transactions is deposited directly into your linked bank account within days of the transaction being initiated by the consumer. Deposits to your account will occur in the form of a batch. This is a group of transactions that occur before 6pm ET each day. Once the batch is closed, you’ll receive the revenue deposit in your bank account, net of processing fees, in 2 business days.
The Closing report
The Dutchie POS Closing Report displays the total transaction volume processed through a given purchase method. Select the desired date range to view Dutchie Pay order volume listed under the pre-payments field within the payment summary section of the report.
Helpful tip
The Closing Report is located under:
Reports -> Closing Report
Static Payments report
The Dutchie POS Static Payments Report displays a list of itemized transactions processed through the Dutchie POS register.

Using the payments filter type, you can generate a report of all payments completed on the POS. This report can be exported to filter the payment method column for all prepaid transactions to identify all Dutchie Pay transactions.
Helpful tip
The Static Payments Report is located under: Reports -> Delivery -> Payments
Dutchie Pay Settlement Report
The Dutchie POS Dutchie Pay Settlement Report shows the batches that have been generated and sent to their bank.
Helpful tip
The Static Payments Report is located under: Reports -> Financial -> Dutchie Pay Settlement Report