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This quickstart guide is designed to get you familiar with Dutchie Pay by providing a brief overview of how it works, step-by-step instructions for handling orders, and how to get in touch with Support if you have any questions.

How to talk to customers about Dutchie Pay

Quick and easy tips on introducing Dutchie Pay in customer conversations.
Elevator pitch
Example pitch
If you don't want to pay with cash, we have a cash-free option that's super easy to sign up for and doesn't require ANY fees.

To sign up, all you have to do is select Dutchie Pay at checkout. You’ll be guided through a quick one-time sign up where you can securely connect your checking account and then submit your order.

Then, you're good to go! Every purchase you make here moving forward will only take one click.
Additional talking points to reference
β€’ Convenient: you no longer have to fumble with cash or cards.
β€’ Free: there’s no cost to youβ€”not even those pesky ATM fees.
β€’ Flexible: Dutchie Pay integrates with 5k+ US banks, so it’s sure to work with yours.
β€’ Safe: Dutchie will never share your financial information.
Wondering how shoppers can sign up for Dutchie Pay?
Point them to your specific menu URL so they can easily shop from your dispensary, sign up, and complete their order with Dutchie Pay selected as the payment method.
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