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Dutchie partners with 6,500 retailers, processing $19B in annual transaction volume, meaning more reach for your business.
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Leverage Dutchie’s industry-leading platform and scale: more than half of all cannabis ecommerce transactions are powered by Dutchie.


for each consumer vs. broad segmentation for more effective positioning, targeting and discount deployment - including in-store.


End-to-end tracking and ROI reporting from browsing & clicking through ecommerce orders and what actually gets purchased in-store.
Well-placed ads that drive revenue, build brand awareness and delights customers
Boost customer engagement, tailor promotions to individual preferences & behaviors, enhance brand loyalty, and maximizes ROI.


Sponsored homepage, categories, search; Personalized cart toppers + β€œyou may like” recos; Personalized discounts & offers


Cart topper recommendations surfaced to shopper & budtender on point of sale; Kiosk + digital advertising


Targeted brand ads through third party media networks; Compliant ads optimized for high-intent shoppers