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Learn all about Dutchie Point of Sale.

Dutchie POS is our complete solution for managing your business. It’s got everything you need to oversee your incoming orders, process payments, track inventory, and so much more — with seamless integrations to make sure it all stays in sync.

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Dutchie Register (front of house)

Dutchie Register is where all of your front-of-house operations take place. It’s where you’ll manage all of your orders and payments, with integrations to ensure compliance, track inventory, and more.
Managing Your Cart
Explore different options for cart creation and checkout.
Want a complete list of cart actions?
Our Help Center has you covered.
Check out this article for a full rundown of actions available from the cart.
Creating an Efficient Guest List, Part 1: Getting Set Up
The guest list is one of the most important features in Dutchie POS. Get tips for navigating all of its features and personalizing it to suit your needs.
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This article includes details and instructions to guide you through your settings.

Dutchie Backoffice (back of house)

Dutchie Backoffice is your home base for inventory, seed-to-sale tracking, business metrics, and more. It’s a hub for managing operations, as well as a source of rich  insights and data to monitor your business’ performance.
Customizing Your Homepage
Discover the many ways to personalize your Backoffice homepage with quick actions, data, charts, and more.
Looking for more?
Check the Help Center for deep-dives on key topics.
We’ve got in-depth articles on all of the most important Backoffice features, like how to manage and apply discounts.
You can set up all of your users & their permissions in Dutchie Backoffice.
This Help Center article has everything you need to know to start managing your users’ accounts and your permissions groups.


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Webinar: Introducing Dutchie Point of Sale
Watch a replay of our recent webinar, where we go through some of the most important features and workflows in Dutchie POS.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dutchie POS?
Do I need new credentials for Dutchie POS?
Is there anything I need to do to use the new Dutchie POS?
How can I learn more about Dutchie POS?
How do I contact Dutchie support?

In-store assets to let customers know you accept Dutchie Pay

Ways to inform shoppers that Dutchie Pay is available in your store.
Your dispensary should have received an in-store marketing kit that includes in-store signage and door decals that you can promote through your dispensary to let them know you now accept Dutchie Pay.
Helpful tips
Table tents
Place these in areas where the customers are still making purchase choices. Ie, the register may be a poor choice since the customer has most likely already decided how they wish to pay.
Decals / Stickers
Window, or doors are good options for these.
Bag drops
Your dispensary should have received an in-store marketing kit that includes bag drops and it’s a great way to drive awareness for customers that have not tried Dutchie Pay.
Helpful tips
Be sure to mention the bag drop and Dutchie Pay to the customer as you place it in the bag to avoid them simply discarding it when they get home.