June 22, 2022

Celebrate Pride all year long by supporting these queer-owned cannabis brands

Lindsay Crafford
June 22, 2022

With Pride Month well underway, we at Dutchie are thrilled to elevate and support LGBTQIA-owned cannabis brands. Pride commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which began in the early hours of June 28, 1969 after police raided the Stonewall Inn bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. The Stonewall Riots served as a catalyst for the gay rights movement and led to the creation of various gay activist groups in the United States and around the world. The month of June is now celebrated globally to honor the brave individuals who stood up to the system and protested for equality in 1969.

As activists ourselves, we know that the best way to support our LGBTQIA+ friends and family is by supporting the brands that champion their rights and values.

Here are 15 queer-founded and owned cannabis brands throughout the US that you can support year-round

1. Madam Munchie

Where you can find them: Los Angeles, CA

Madame Munchie is a woman and LGBTQ+ owned company based in Los Angeles, operating since 2014.

Growing up in France, Madame Munchie founder Kim fell in love with French baking. She combines French culinary traditions with premium California cannabis to create her award-winning edibles.

2. Cann

Where you can find them: Nevada, Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

Queer-founded Cann has been a leader in the infused-beverage space since their start in 2018, quickly amassing a following of dedicated fans who love the way Cann beverages leave them feeling bubbly and sociable without that pesky next-day hangover. In their marketing efforts, Cann’s queer roots are a source of pride, with the brand often collaborating with drag artists and queer musicians and issuing product releases like their limited edition Pride sweatshirt.

3. Brown Sugar Botanicals

Where you can find them: Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA (CBD available nationwide)

Black, queer, trans, and non-binary-owned, Brown Sugar Botanicals is a CBD brand celebrating diversity, inclusivity, and cannabis. Founded by Chris and KaliMa, the brand sources all of its organic herbs from LGBTQ, BIPOC, and women-owned companies, making room at the table in a mostly non-inclusive industry. Try its tinctures, salves, and full-spectrum CBD pre-rolls.

4. Blunt

Where you can find them: Online only

Blunt, a CBD skin care brand, was created by cosmetic chemist Stas Chirkov. Its mission is to educate beauty lovers about the skin-enhancing benefits of cannabis-derived ingredients. For the month of Pride, Blunt is offering 30% off sitewide, with all savings being donated to LGBTQIA+ organizations.

5. Unoia

Where you can find them: Georgia (available nationwide)

Unoia is a CBD lifestyle and product brand owned by Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray, a Black, queer couple from Atlanta. Unoia offers a wide range of CBD products, including gummies, tinctures, honey, topicals, and products for pets—Elise was inspired to start the brand after she used CBD to treat her own sick puppy! 

6. ReCreate

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

ReCreate makes gummies, chocolate, and tinctures that combine THC, CBD and Ayurvedic botanicals and adaptogens like turmeric, lemon balm, and lion’s mane for optimal wellness. The brand was founded by the Stanley Brothers, who were also behind the iconic Charlotte’s Web. One of the brothers, Austin Stanley, is a proud voice in the queer community. For June,  ReCreate is releasing a limited-edition collection of Pride gummies and beverages and will also be donating $1 per Pride product to One Colorado and Equality California, two local nonprofit partner organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ civil rights advocacy.

7. Aplós

Where you can find them: Online only

Aplós, the first mixologist-crafted, non-alcoholic spirit brand, features 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp per serving. Co-founded by CEO David Fudge, who is openly gay, Aplós was designed to replicate the ritual of drinking a cocktail—sans hangover.

8. Laganja Estranja

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

Laganja Estranja is the nom du drag of L.A.-based choreographer and musical artist Jay Jackson, who's appeared on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (2014) and “So You Think You Can Dance” (2018 and 2019). She parlayed her role as an LGBTQ+ icon and cannabis advocate into a series of partnerships within the traditionally "bro-centric" cannabis business, including a 2016 preroll collaboration with the Hepburns and a 2019 edibles collaboration with Fruit Slabs.

9. Sonder

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

Created in 2018 by married co-founders Faun Chapin and M. Paradise, Sonder is a queer- and women-owned cannabis company who makes cannabis dreams come true though inventive formats, pristine oil cartridges and cannabis quality you can trust.

All of Sonder’s products are formulated with 100% pesticide-free, sun-grown cannabis from second-generation cannabis farmers in Mendocino County. Mendocino County, located on the coast of Northern California (often referred to as the “Emerald Triangle”), has long been a legend in the cannabis scene for consistently producing some of the best cannabis in America.

Known for their acclaimed vape cartridges, Sonder recently launched their new Space Crystals edibles, featuring patented Sublingual Crystal Technolog, which brings delightful fizz, a lively pop and quick-effects to the edible experience. Sounds like the perfect addition to any Pride celebration!

10. MD Numbers Inc.

Where you can find them: San Francisco, CA

Co-founded by queer entrepreneur Marie Montmarquet, MD Numbers is a 100% Black-owned, vertically-integrated cannabis company that includes a world-class cultivation center, a delivery service, and a consulting agency that’s helping propel the cannabis industry towards a more equitable future.

MD Farms, the cultivation arm of MD Numbers, plans to roll out their own house brands in the coming year.

In the meantime, you can get your hands on a wide array of high-quality cannabis products via Marie’s Deliverables, Montmarquet’s delivery service founded in 2015. Additionally, through Legacy Coterie, Montmarquet is helping bring consulting, distribution, and sales services to other cannabis entrepreneurs and companies across the country.

“Visibility and representation are key. Every day we are proving that cannabis participation is not just for the 1%. The original culture creators should be an integral piece of modern-day cannabis nationwide,” she says.

11. Peak Extracts

Where you can find them: Oregon (statewide); CBD available nationwide

Founded and operated by two queer women, Katie Stem and Katie Black, Peak Extracts is exactly what it sounds like: an extract company creating both THC and CBD vapes, edibles, tinctures and topical solutions that help consumers “find their peak.”

Inspired by Stem’s degree in traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Peak Extracts seeks to create cannabis solutions for every cannabis consumer, whether you prefer consuming cannabis through a dab rig, a square of chocolate, or a relaxing massage with their popular hemp topical, Rescue Rub.

Their chocolate products are uniquely single-strain based, giving edible users more control over the effects they want to experience while using Peak Extract’s edibles.

Stem and Black are proud to keep alive cannabis’ healing legacy within the queer community, based on only in Stem’s personal history as a medical cannabis user, but also in the legacy of cannabis within the queer activist community:

“Beginning notably in the 80s with the AIDS epidemic, cannabis has been a valuable medicine in the queer community. When I first became a medical patient in 2004 to help with my Crohn’s disease, the cannabis community here was primarily cancer and AIDs patients, and there was a lot of overlap between those of us fighting for marriage equality and cannabis law reform.”

12. Drew Martin Co.

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

Owned and operated by Drew Martin, his life partner Andrew Freeman, and their mutual friend Nicholas Pritzker, Drew Martin Co. is a 100% queer-owned cannabis brand that has created the first low-dose, botanical blend pre-rolls on the market.

Drew Martin Co.’s products use only hand-trimmed, whole bud cannabis that’s sun-grown on a small queer, women-owned farm in Mendocino County, choosing cannabis that’s high in terpenes and low in anxiety-related effects. The high-quality flower is then blended with smokable botanical ingredients for globally-inspired flavor and mind-opening joints that any level of cannabis smoker can enjoy.

13. Calexo

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

Created by queer entreprenuers Brandon Andrew and Ian Colon and run by a group of queer people, BIPOC, women and allies, Calexo is a cannabis beverage company and a community of creatives that believes in creating social experiences that are not centered on alcohol.

Calexo’s beverages are sparkling and formulated with fruit juice, botanicals and emulsified THC.

While their products are perfect for edible users looking to experience cannabis in a different way, as their site explains, “Calexo offers a cannabis experience more similar to inhalation than edibles through sublingual absorption. This means you get more of the uplifting, cerebral delta-9-THC cannabinoids, and fewer of the potent and body-high oriented 11-hydroxy-THC cannabinoids.”

14. House of Saka

Where you can find them: California (statewide)

If you're looking to indulge in a wine-esque experience without the hangover, look no further than the LGBTQ-owned brand House of Saka. Founded by queer women in 2018, House of Saka was born from the Napa Valley wine scene in hopes of creating a luxury cannabis experience for women. 

Its line of infused wines, which includes Saka Pink rose, Saka White, and Saka Spark Mimosa, have an incredible high due to its state-of-the-art nano-molecular infusion technology. Unlike most edibles, the high from these beverages can kick in within 15 minutes.

15. Calibueno

Where you can find them: Bay Area, CA

Calibueno is a Latinx and queer-owned wholesale business in California, founded and operated by visionary Claudia Mercado. The brand puts quality and ethics before profits, offering fair prices on unique, ethical cannabis products from local micro-businesses.

From the beginning, Calibueno has been about staying true to Oakland, opening shop blocks away from where Mercado grew up. Calibueno’s strength lies in its dedication to and passionate support from the community. “It feels good because we’re taking care of our community, and it’s a good business model because people here want to keep it local.”

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