April 6, 2023

What to Expect When Switching to Dutchie POS

April 6, 2023

This the first article in a three-part series that offers an in-depth look at the onboarding and implementation process for Dutchie POS. This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. You are responsible for your own compliance with laws and regulations.

Have you stuck with your current cannabis point of sale system for longer than you should because switching seems like too much of a hassle? We know that switching from one cannabis POS system to another isn't quick or easy—but in the end, it's usually worth it.

The best way to approach the transition process is to understand it from start to finish. Then, you can decide if changing to another POS provider is the right decision for your dispensary.

Read on for a thorough walkthrough of Dutchie's implementation process for our POS customers, including an overview of your Implementation Strategist's roles and responsibilities.

First thing's first: meeting your Implementation Strategist

As a new Dutchie POS customer, you'll be assigned an Implementation Strategist (IS) to help onboard you to the Dutchie platform. Your Implementation Strategist will help you:

  • Manage the onboarding and training of you and your staff on the Dutchie platform
  • Translate complex, technical concepts into simple, digestible takeaways
  • Shape the future of Dutchie POS by soliciting ongoing feedback
  • Strategize with you to understand how our software can improve your business and operational workflows

Important milestones at-a-glance

Dutchie POS milestones

Dutchie POS customers will have a single Implementation Strategist.

Dutchie POS + Ecommerce milestones

Dutchie POS + Dutchie Ecommerce customers will have two Implementation Strategists, one to assist with each product.

A note on hardware

If you’re using your current hardware suite, confirming its compatibility as soon as possible is critical to a successful and timely go-live and will help reduce any potential delays with your Dutchie launch.

Milestone #1: Schedule inventory & POS trainings

Data migration (send data template to Implementation Strategist)

Time commitment: Allot up to 5 hours (dependent upon data size and integrity)

Required attendees: Inventory personnel

The data migration tutorial explains how to export data from your current system and input it into the Dutchie data template that Dutchie will build into your Dutchie environment.

If you are transitioning cannabis POS systems, this is a critical and essential component of the Dutchie implementation process.

Training #1: Site & Navigation Overview

Time commitment: Allot 45-60 minutes

Required attendees: General Manager; Inventory Personnel; Shift Leads / Asst Mgr

This Backoffice walkthrough video provides a high level overview of Backoffice configuration, product catalog, and admin training within Dutchie POS.

Training #2: Inventory

Time commitment: Allot 60-90 minutes for Live Training

Required attendees: General Manager; Inventory Personnel; Shift Leads / Asst Mgr

Training #3: FOH Retail Training

Time commitment: Allot 30-60 minutes

Required attendees: General Manager; Inventory Personnel; Shift Leads / Asst Mgr; Budtenders

The Dutchie Register retail training provides an overview of the front-of-house functionalities within the Dutchie software.

If you are watching this video while working through your Dutchie implementation, please ensure you’ve submitted the Configuration Checklist, and your Implementation Strategist has confirmed that the configuration is completed.

Training #4: Ecommerce

Time commitment: Allot 60-75 minutes

Required attendees: Store Manager, General Manager, Asst Mgr, Web Team (if applicable)

Knowledge check: Growing Together

Time commitment: Allot 1-1.5 hours

Required attendees: General Manager; Inventory Personnel; Shift Leads / Asst Mgr

One Optional Reeducation Training: a joint session

Time commitment: Allot 60-75 minutes

Required attendees: General Manager + applicable personnel based on meeting needs

Launch day (go-live support)

Time commitment: Allot up to 3 hours

Required attendees: General Manager; Inventory Personnel

Note: Please provide 48-hour notice when rescheduling meetings, if possible. In some cases, rescheduling may take up to two weeks. It’s critical to stay on schedule!

Milestone #2: Reinforce understanding of Dutchie ecosystem

Our Growing Together video course introduces a variety of integral Dutchie concepts organized into thorough yet digestible tutorials. Topics covered include:

  • User management
  • Traceability
  • Taxes
  • Adding categories, vendors, brands, and strains
  • Pricing tiers
  • Inventory management
  • Delivery workflows

...and much more. Your Implementation Specialist will share this link with you—we recommend bookmarking and referencing it when you have a question regarding any of the topics covered, both during the implementation process and after you’re live on the system.

If you're a Dutchie customer utilizing the manufacturing/processing and/or cultivation products, feel free to skip the registers, fees and donations, receipts, and purchase limits sections of the video as they will not be part of your daily workflow.

Pro tip! Once you've watched the overview, test your knowledge by:

  • Setting up and verifying taxes
  • Setting up and verifying purchase limits
  • Building strains, vendors, brands, categories
  • Building product catalog (or build data import sheet, if applicable)
  • Building pricing tiers (if applicable)
  • Verifying location settings

Milestone #3: Data migration

Data migration is the process of transferring data from your current POS system into Dutchie POS. 

This is a vital driver of a successful, timely go-live—and we recommend having your best Excel employee build out the data template ASAP while watching the video tutorial.

There are three phases of data migration:

  1. Pre-work: Build and send data template to your Implementation Strategist within three days of your kickoff call.
  2. Migration #1: Import static data fields such as rooms, categories, strains,vendors, and products. Assuming the data provided is entered into the spreadsheet following the provided instructions, we will import the dataset into Dutchie upon receipt.
  3. Migration #2: Final data upload of inventory, batch and labs, and customer data. This is scheduled for completion by the close of business the day prior to go-live.

Your Implementation Strategist will be available to answer any and all questions as you work through this process.

The bottom line

Change is scary. But when it comes to switching cannabis point of sale systems, it’s almost always worth making the leap. Not only will you save yourself and your budtenders from countless headaches, you’ll also give your dispensary the competitive edge of a new—and integrated—tech stack.

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