October 4, 2023

Guide to Applying for an Adult-Use Dispensary License in New York's Cannabis Market

Jay Rosenthal
October 4, 2023

As New York’s adult-use cannabis program continues to roll out, Dutchie aims to be a resource for would-be cannabis retailers in the Empire State.

We have put together a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about getting a cannabis license in New York - from application requirements and real estate to marketing and delivery regulations. Stay informed - and compliant - with our up-to-date information on the legal landscape of cannabis in New York.

Visit New York Cannabis Regulations: What license applicants need to know for the latest updates.

Dutchie has also built a series of on demand information sessions for applicants. Check back often for updates and follow Dutchie on LinkedIn

On Demand: Dutchie & NY Cannabis Retail Association | Vendor Contract Requirement for NY Retail Dispensary Application

On Wednesday, November 15, Dutchie's Anne Forkutza and Jalen Jones held a webinar in partnership with the New York Cannabis Retail Association to walk through updates to New York licensing, as well as to provide an overview on Dutchie's point of sale system for New York applicants and licensees. If you have questions about this on demand webinar, please contact Jalen Jones.

On Demand: Preparing for General Licensing in New York

To learn more about the application process and get an overview of Dutchie's Point of Sale, this video explains it all. It's a great way to get familiar with what's ahead.

On Demand: New York's General Licensing: Initial Insights for Dispensary Applicants

On October 4th, the application period opened for the next wave of New York cannabis business licenses. Dutchie and the Castetter Cannabis Group hosted a LinkedIn Live Event to share initial insights into the General Application for dispensary operators to get a jump on their application.

Point of Sale Requirement for New York Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License Applicants

For those applying for a New York Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License, applicants are required to provide your point of sale/inventory tracking system plus vendor contract file when applying for your New York Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License. Dutchie is able to provide these documents for applicants. Please reach out if you require guidance, email Amanda Mazzone

On Demand: Real estate considerations for NY cannabis businesses

Securing the right real estate for your cannabis business in New York can be a unique challenge. To help provide some perspective, Kristin Jordan, Founder and CEO of Park Jordan, shared her insights and experience working with cannabis businesses in New York. To learn more about Park Jordan and to connect with Kristin Jordan, visit Park Jordan.

On Demand: Planning for Cannabis Retail Store Design in New York

Mike Wilson, CEO and Founder of Temeka Group, highlights the challenges and costs of retail construction in high-rent areas like Manhattan, underscoring the significance of proper budgeting and planning. He advises on the importance of understanding regional building procedures and collaborating with experts to ensure a smooth construction process and avoid financial oversights. To learn more about Temeka Group and to connect with Mike Wilson, visit Temeka Group.

On Demand: Preparing for Your Inspections in New York

Dutchie's Sarah Conrod shares details on how cannabis retail businesses in New York could prepare for their OCM inspections based on first-hand experience working with operators in the New York market.

On Demand: Navigating Cannabis Insurance in New York

Liz Ely from Dutchie Insurance addresses New York licensees and would-be operators about the importance of insurance, especially now that General applications are open. Dutchie Insurance specializes in the cannabis industry, offering comprehensive commercial insurance coverage. It's vital to choose the right insurance policy, as each has its own set of terms, and working with a knowledgeable broker is crucial. Learn more about Dutchie Insurance and connect.

On Demand: Weekly Inventory Template Report for OCM in New York

Francine Muhammad, Dutchie's Senior Manager, Regulatory Compliance, walks through the Weekly Inventory Template Report for OCM. As New York continues to build out its full reporting requirements for cannabis retailers, an interim Weekly Inventory Template Report is a required, weekly filing. Muhammad walks through how to file this report and how Dutchie technology can make this reporting easier. More details on Dutchie Point of Sale.

On Demand: Dutchie's BioTrack Integration in New York

Mike Nelson from Dutchie presented in this on-demand webinar focusing on the integration of Dutchie's point of sale system with BioTrack in New York, highlighting that BioTrack will be used for state traceability and tracking the complete journey of cannabis plants from seed to sale. This segment emphasizes the importance of the seamless integration between Dutchie's point of sale system and BioTrack, which automates reporting processes and avoids redundancy in entering data, ensuring efficiency and accuracy for dispensaries. Nelson also detailed how Dutchie’s point of sale system communicates with BioTrack through an API, simplifying operations for dispensaries by reducing manual reporting and ensuring that data in BioTrack reflects the real-time operations of the dispensaries.

This page will be updated regularly with additional on demand resources for New York applicants.

Looking to learn more about Dutchie in New York, connect with Amanda Mazzone

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