June 15, 2022

Superette: a place where shopping for cannabis is as fun as using it

Jay Rosenthal
June 15, 2022

Are you having fun shopping for cannabis?

Matt McLeod, the CEO of Superette, thinks you should be. Superette is a multi-store cannabis retailer in Ontario, Canada with a rapidly-growing, always-entertaining retail footprint.

With seven stores spread between Ottawa and Toronto, Superette has created a powerful in-store and online brand presence. Its unique blend of nostalgia, design, humor, and cannabis elevates the shopping experience.

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Superette utilizes Dutchie Ecommerce, which enables its customers to order ahead and pick up in store OR receive deliveries. The ecommerce, delivery, and pick-up offerings were first introduced to retailers and consumers in the early days of COVID restrictions in Ontario in 2020 and later made permanent. Dutchie was on-site in Ontarioβ€”and elsewhere in Canadaβ€”assisting retailers in getting their shops up and running during the height of COVID-related lockdowns. Two years later, Dutchie remains integral to leading retail operators in Canada like Superette.

Last week, we joined McLeod at Superette's 49 Spadina Street location in downtown Toronto to talk about the Superette experience, what it means for consumers, and how they try to marry that in-store experience with their online one.

McLeod and his team break down their approach simply:

β€œIf you distill it, I think Superette is really: have as much fun purchasing cannabis as using it." β€” Matt McLeod,Β CEO of Superette

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