December 8, 2023

This Week in Cannabis News for Friday, December 8

Jay Rosenthal
December 8, 2023

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Ohio's Legalization

Ohio’s legalization goes into effect this week - meaning it’s now legal to consume in that state. And, a new bill introduced in the Ohio statehouse this week by Republican State Rep. Gary Click would allow municipal governments to ban non-medical cannabis consumption and growing at home.

Illinois selling lots of cannabis - to both in-state and out-of-state residents

Illinois dispensaries are selling more than ever. In fact, Illinois dispensaries sold more cannabis to in-state residents in November than in any month prior. This is all according to data from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). Dispensaries sold over 3.7 million cannabis products totaling over $105 million to in-state residents. For out-of-state residents, that number was $33.6 million - Not. Too. Shabby.

‍Governors pressure Biden on rescheduling cannabis

Recall that a few months back, the Department of Health and Human Services recommended that the cannabis be rescheduled to Schedule III from Schedule I. That recommendation now sits with the Drug Enforcement Agency pending review, consideration, and action. This week, Governors from Colorado, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Louisiana wrote to President Biden, advocating for the reclassification by year's end.

Health and Human Services research on cannabis

The On Drugs Substack got their hands on the documentation from the Department of Health and Human Services that serves as the background of HHS’s recommendation for rescheduling that they sent to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Here is the On Drugs Substack downloadable HHS files.

Deep dive on the Solo Stove + Snoop collaboration

And finally, a few weeks back Snoop Dogg announced he was giving up β€œsmoke” - which caused the cannabis community to gasp. It turns out, it was a well-planned PR stunt for Solo Stoves - which don’t emit smoke. AdAge has the breakdown of the story of how Snoop ended up punking the cannabis world.

Cannabis Expert:Β Coss Marte, CONBUD

For the cannabis experts today, we’ll share a conversation with Anne Forkutza from team Dutchie - and then a conversation with Coss Marte from CONBUD. Anne will share details about Dutchie’s time in Las Vegas, including taking home an EMJAY Award. Then, Coss Marte from CONBUD will share a bit about a special product launch at his Lower East Side dispensary happening later today with Mike Tyson.Β 


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