October 31, 2022

From CBD to THC: Preparing for Adult-Use Cannabis in New York

Jay Rosenthal
October 31, 2022

Disclaimer: This content is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. You are responsible for your own compliance with laws and regulations.

On Thursday, October 26th, Dutchie hosted a webinar titled: How to Transition Your CBD Shop to Adult-Use in New York.

The program was put together in partnership with CannDelta—a regulatory and scientific consulting company with offices in New York City, Hackensack, New Jersey, and Toronto, Canada.

The program was designed to prepare CBD retailers currently operating in New York for their possible transition into the adult-use cannabis market in that state. Topics covered included:

  • Regulatory, zoning, and operating differences between CBD retail and recreational cannabis
  • How cannabis business insurance may be different than their current business insurance
  • An overview of cannabis banking challenges and opportunities
  • Insight into information technology and security for recreational cannabis dispensaries

Adult-use cannabis in New York: regulatory overview

Lucas McCann, PhD, co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at CannDelta shared relevant regulatory considerations for CBD retailers looking to enter the adult-use cannabis industry in New York.

Cannabis insurance for New York dispensaries

Mauricio Comi, Dutchie’s Head of Insurance, presented about the requirements for cannabis business insurance in New York and the key differences from business insurance current CBD retailers may have.

Cannabis payments for New York dispensaries

Doug Rodewald, Dutchie’s Head of Payments, shared insight into the unique nature of cannabis payments for adult-use dispensaries, including banking, credit card, and cashless ATM options.

IT & security for New York dispensaries

Eric Schlissel, CEO and Chief Technology Officer from Cure8 presented about IT and security considerations for adult-use cannabis dispensaries in the New York market.

About Dutchie

For more information about how Dutchie can help you transition from being a CBD retailer to being an adult-use dispensary, contact Jalen Jones on the Dutchie team.

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