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Webinar wrap-up: How cashless payments boost cannabis dispensary sales

Jay Rosenthal
August 12, 2022

On August 11, 2022, Dutchie hosted a webinar to explore how cashless payments can boost dispensary sales. Specifically, the webinar dove deep into Dutchie’s premier cashless payment solution, Dutchie Pay.

The program kicked off with Jill Rose, Vice President of Operations at Dutchie, for an overview of payments writ large in cannabis in the US. From there, Doug Rodewald, Dutchie’s Head of Payments, detailed Dutchie’s newest product offering, Dutchie Pay. Eileen Byrne, Product Marketer for Dutchie Pay, completed the main stage component talking about what Dutchie is hearing from dispensaries that have rolled out Dutchie Pay.

The program concluded with a question and answer period where Jill Rose, Eileen Byrne, and Chris McFall, Head of Dutchie Pay, answered audience questions.

Understanding the cannabis payments landscape with Jill Rose,VP of Operations at Dutchie

Jill Rose described the key challenges dispensary operators and consumers face when it comes to cannabis, including: the cost of dealing mostly in cash, the challenges cash poses to operations, and the clunky customer interaction. Additionally, Rose noted that only 16 percent of consumers report actually carrying cash with them day-to-day.

How cashless payments boosts dispensary sales

Doug Rodewald provided a walk through of the technology and approach of Dutchie Pay, including how consumers are able to easily login to connect their bank accounts seamlessly to Dutchie Pay. Rodewald also noted the benefits to average order value achieved through cashless payments, the reuse rate for those utilizing Dutchie Pay, as well as the demographics observed for those making cannabis purchases through Dutchie Pay.

How dispensaries are responding to Dutchie Pay

Eileen Byrne from Dutchie’s Marketing team shared details of how Dutchie’s dispensary partners are finding the roll out and uptake of Dutchie Pay. She noted that dispensaries utilizing Dutchie Pay are observing increased order values, more streamlined operations, and safer delivery options than dealing as a cash-only business.


To wrap up the session, Jill Rose, Eileen Byrne, and Chris McFall, Head of Dutchie Pay, joined me for a moderated question and answer period. The group took questions about the tipping functionality within Dutchie Pay as well as other operational questions, like onboarding timelines.

If you have additional questions about Dutchie Pay, contact us to learn more!

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