September 6, 2022

Webinar wrap-up: How to open a cannabis dispensary in Illinois

Jay Rosenthal
September 6, 2022

On August 31, 2022, Dutchie hosted a webinar titled: How to build your cannabis business in Illinois. The webinar was produced in partnership with Grown In, a leading cannabis media outlet serving Illinois, among other marketings in the U.S.

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The state of cannabis legalization in Illinois

Mike Fourcher, the co-founder and the editor of Grown In and joined the program to provide an overview and history of Illinois’ path to cannabis legalization. Fourcher made note of the myriad lawsuits that have halted a broad expansion of licenses since legalization went into effect as well as the cannabis supply constraints.Β 

What to know before opening a dispensary in Illinois

Krista Raymer is the founder and CEO of Vetrina Group, the leading cannabis retail/dispensary consultancy in North America. Vetrina Group specializes in supporting cannabis businesses achieve and sustain profitability. Raymer shared the four key things she believes every cannabis dispensary needs to focus on before opening: quality of sale, inventory, people, and marketing.Β 

Cannabis insurance for Illinois dispensaries

Mauricio Comi, Dutchie’s Head of Insurance, joined the program to highlight the challenges many cannabis businesses face when accessing quality, affordable, and timely insurance. Specifically, Comi discussed some of the unique requirements facing Illinois businesses when it comes to cannabis business insurance.

How cashless payments boost dispensary ales

Doug Rodewald is Dutchie’s Head of Payments and joined the webinar to share the background and offerings of Dutchie’s payment solutions. Rodewald shared the unique challenges for cannabis businesses when it comes to payments, and shared how Dutchie addresses these challenges for cannabis dispensaries.

Finally, Dutchie’s Illinois team will be in Illinois in the coming weeks as part of Grown In’s Illinois Cannabis Conference. The Illinois Cannabis Conference will take place in Chicago on September 15th and in Springfield on September 20th. More details and registration information can be found on Grown In’s website.Β 

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