July 25, 2022

3 takeaways for Mississippi dispensaries from our latest webinar

Jay Rosenthal
July 25, 2022

On July 21, 2022, Dutchie and our partners hosted a webinar focused on cannabis banking and payments for Mississippi cannabis businesses.

As with all new markets, cannabis entrepreneurs in Mississippi have challenges unique to the cannabis industry—from compliance to shifting regulations to banking and payments.

That’s why, in partnership with the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association and Green Check Verified we hosted a webinar providing much-needed information for these businesses specific to banking and payments.

Here’s a video recap of the program in case you missed it!

1. The past, present, and future of cannabis in Mississippi

The event featured an overview of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association efforts to date and what the future holds for Mississippi cannabis. Ken Newburger, 3MA’s Executive Director provided an overview of Mississippi cannabis today. Learn more about 3MA and how you can get involved.

2. How cannabis businesses in Mississippi should be thinking about banking

Following 3MA’s overview of the Mississippi regulatory and market landscape, Peter Su of Green Check Verified provided an overview of the banking challenges that both cannabis businesses and banks find in cannabis markets. If you are a financial institution interested in learning more about Green Check Verified’s services, please contact Peter Su at psu@greencheckverified.com or request a demo.

3. The state of cannabis payments for Mississippi dispensaries

Finally, with the launch of Dutchie’s newest cannabis payments product, Dutchie Pay, Doug Rodewald, Dutchie’s Head of Payments, provided an in-depth run-through of Dutchie Pay. Specifically, he discussed Dutchie Pay’s benefits for cannabis dispensaries in Mississippi and how cashless payments like Dutchie Pay are boosting sales for cannabis dispensaries.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to book a demo!

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