January 18, 2022

The impact of 7/10 for cannabis retailers

Kat Kuchtjak
June 29, 2021
January 18, 2022

The origins of 710

710 is the second most famous cannabis holiday and it’s particularly near and dear to the hearts of cannabis enthusiasts. Much like the middle school antics of playing with a calculator, “July 10th” upside-down seems to spell “OIL.” However, unlike 420, whose origins can be traced back to a group of high schoolers in the 1970s, 710 is a media-spurred holiday popular on Reddit and Instagram.

CNN’s article on The Origins of Weed Day confirms “420 started as a secret code among a group of friends at San Rafael High School in the early 1970s who called themselves "the Waldos." They would often meet at 4:20 p.m. to get high.”

710 is essentially just a more specific version of 420 for concentrate consumers. The origin period is unknown, but it can be linked to the 710 Cup. This was a contest for oil users that first took place in 2012. Now, these contests take place annually and have spread throughout the US and Canada.

710 is also one of the highest temperature settings on most rigs. 710 degrees is hot for the average dabber, though. It seems to allude to a certain “melting point” as users look to melt their worries away. In the social circles around cannabis, 710 is the day for the high tolerance connoisseurs to celebrate.

The concentrate consumer’s mindset

Concentrate lovers are after a spectrum of products from BHO slabs to 6-star solventless hash rosin. They could be spending upwards of $80 on a single gram. Some users even celebrate on the go with portable vaporizers. Cartridges and vaporizers are some of the more subtle ways to consume oil, and they also provide significant sales value to your store.

Boost revenue with 710 Specials

Build up the excitement for the 710 sales by posting a Specials board in advance with upcoming promotions. These should be posted a few days before the holiday to incite hype but not deter current shopping customers before those prices drop. Also, consider researching your historical sales data to see which products sell the most around this occasion.

Coupons are another great way to promote products for a limited time only. Coupons act as discount codes and differ from regular Specials because you can format them on Dutchie as either an exact amount or a percentage off. In addition, Specials can create incentives for the customer to meet a certain purchase requirement. Learn more about how to create Specials with the Promotions 101 webinar from Dutchie University (available to Dutchie customers only).

Try to be timely in listing these sales by the morning of July 10th. Many sale shoppers will scope the sales online before making a pickup order or when choosing a store for concentrate sale shopping.

Use data to back your promotions

Use your marketing analytics to understand how Dutchie Specials performed in the past. Then, repeat high-converting Specials, and discontinue or change any low performers.

Reach a wider audience and grow basket sizes with promotional Specials that reward customers based on their purchases. This may include conditional Offers, bulk purchases, and product bundles. (Pro tip: our data shows that customers who redeem promotional Offers spend 41% more on average!)

While cannabis product giveaways might not be realistic due to compliance rules, free paraphernalia like dabber tools, carb caps, or slicks always receive a warm welcome from oil lovers!

Make the inexpensive products a bulk deal

There will always be the budget dabbers who love high-potency products so consistently that they prefer to buy them on a budget. Consider the concentrate purchasing limit for the state you are licensed in and base your bundle deal off of that. It could be something like “buy 5 grams for the price of 4.” You could do a similar deal for bulk purchases of distillate cartridges. This way, budget shoppers won’t feel left out and still get to stock up on their favorite products.

Be the destination for high-quality concentrates

Create excitement in the days before 710 that your store is the go-to for all the customer’s needs. Make a bold purchasing move to bring in top-quality products like live resin cartridges, solventless hash rosin, and THCA diamonds dripping with single-sourced terpene sauce. Even the specialty oils should be easy to move on 710, with the proper presentation and sales tactics.

Merchandise these items on a “top shelf” of your fridge display, so the terpenes stay chilled, and the products appear exclusive. The advanced dabber may scope out these products ahead of time when deciding which store will be their go-to for the holiday.

Don’t forget tinctures!

Tinctures are one category that often gets overlooked when thinking about 710 promotions. It is still a liquid in a concentrated form, but on some state commission’s guidelines, these categories overlap. Consider creating a special on tinctures for those who prefer sublingual consumption of their concentrates instead of smokables.

Prepare your staff

Increase your in-store staffing in the days leading up to 710 to guarantee that every customer gets the help they need and to ensure that traffic flows smoothly.

Use QR codes on in-store display cases or as window posters to assist with sales momentum, and allow customers to create orders directly from their mobile device.

Consider holding a concentrate brand pop-up

With COVID restrictions subsiding, customers are missing out on feeling close to their product. Most dispensaries had to close their jars to guests to prevent the spread of germs. Bearing in mind local restrictions in your areas, now may be the perfect time to bring back tangible packaging and the “nose” quality of cannabis.

Dabbers want to smell their oil, meet the vendor, talk about the extraction process, and overall -- feel connected to that product. Most oil consumers can’t resist purchasing a specialty rosin strain once they see the tacky, peanut butter consistency and smell the purified flavor.

Cannabis brand pop-ups tend to include fun games like spinning a wheel for prizes that can heighten the overall in-store experience. For example, maybe someone came for a quick pickup order, but then they decide to stay and spin the wheel. Pop-ups can boost the energy in the store for both the consumers and the staff.

Reach out to your most popular concentrate vendor as soon as possible to secure a pop-up date on or close to July 10th. If that date is unavailable, check your sales data for the second most popular vendor -- or, consider scheduling the event following 710 to finish off sale inventory.

Build media hype

Although this holiday began with the media, it has expanded through cannabis word-of-mouth culture and with the media in a much larger format. Present these deals on your store’s social media so they gain traction with your audience.

Hype up the pop-ups, events, or contests you have going on in your store to build foot traffic in your store. Just ensure that you add a disclaimer* on your social media regarding cannabis consumption safety guidelines so your post doesn’t get flagged or taken down.

For further inspiration, search the following hashtags from your company’s IG:

(*Example Oregon-specific cannabis disclaimer: Do not operate vehicles or machinery under the influence of cannabis. For use only by adults 21+ years of age. Keep out of reach of children.)

Meet your goals

Merchandising, sale preparation, and familiarizing yourself with the customer’s mindset will help your store make healthy sales goals this 710. Feature the concentrates, tools, and accessories in the forefront of your brick-and-mortar location. Utilize the channels available to you, whether that be online or in-store, to build excitement around your sales. After all, Dab Day is the time to celebrate!

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