dutchie round-up

Empower customers to make a difference by rounding up their purchase total

Last Prisoner Project’s Roll It Up For Justice is a nationwide program that uses funds donated by customers who choose to round-up their purchase totals during check out at dispensaries using the Dutchie POS with round-up enabled.

Small change can make a big impact, and every cent raised through the program gets us closer to the day when every last cannabis prisoner is set free.

An effortless way for your business to give back

Easy setup, at no additional cost
The round-up feature on the Dutchie POS does not cost you anything and can be enabled on your POS with just a few click.
Optional for customers
Your customers are not obligated to make a donation and can easily opt-out of rounding up their totals.
Help secure the industry’s future
Every cent raised through the program gets us closer to the day when cannabis is finally, fully legal.

How to enable round-up

01 β€” navigate to setting

Enable feature in Dutchie Backoffice
  1. To enable round-up, set up a fee or donation β€” go to Settings > Fees & donations. If you don't see this option, contact Dutchie Support to have it enabled for your location.

02 β€” Create a fee or donation

Create your custom round-up
  1. From Fees & donations click Add fees/donation.
  2. From the Type dropdown, select General Fee or Donation.
  3. Type in a name for your fee. This is not visible to your customers and is used for admin purposes.
  4. Turn on the Active toggle.
  5. Choose Round up to Next as the Calculation Method.
  6. In the Calculation value enter 1 to round up to the nearest dollar, 5 to the nearest $5 increment, etc.
  7. Select Manual as the Application type. Setting it as Automatic will automatically round up all transactions.
  8. Set both Revenue and Taxable to No
  9. Click save

03 β€” collect donations

Apply fees & donations at the Register
  1. Add an item(s) to the cart.
  2. Click the three dots (...) next to the item’s price and choose Fees and donations.
  3. Click on a Fee and donation from the list of Available Fees & Donations.
  4. Click Apply Fee / Donation.
  5. Click the X in the upper corner to return to the cart.
  6. Continue checkout.