Cannabis CRM

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Collect customer information, develop relationships and drive better business
Use Dutchie’s Global CRM tool to streamline customer engagement, drive more effective email marketing campaigns, and power rewarding loyalty programs.
Simplified access to customer data
Collect and manage customer contact information, preferences, and purchase history in one place.
Drive greater revenue
~50% of all cannabis Ecommerce volume is purchased through saved user accounts, increasing conversion.
Track abandoned cart data
Capture high-intent users through tracked abandoned cart data that integrates directly into your marketing tools.
Global, Unified CRM data
Dutchie’s Global CRM database combines ecommerce and in-store user lists that can be pushed to 3rd party integrations and built-in email marketing.
Email Marketing
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Dutchie Hub
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Best in Class CRM Integrations
Leverage CRM data and insights to seamlessly power best-in-class loyalty & marketing integrations such as AlpineIQ, SpringBig, Sprout, Hubspot, and more.
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CRM stands for customer relationship management, which is a tool for storing and managing customer information in one central location.

CRM focuses on driving adoption and engagement to grow your customer base.


Point of Sale

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Dutchie Pay integrates with our Dutchie POS to keep transactions flowing seamlessly.
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