June 9, 2022

A "Rair" breed: how Rair Cannabis of Michigan stays on the cutting edge with Dutchie Pay

Jay Rosenthal
June 9, 2022

Cannabis retailers are familiar with the payment hurdles native to the industry.ย 

Finding a compliant, dependable payment source (for both businesses and consumers) is one of the biggest remaining barriers to normalizing the cannabis retail experience. Rair had been on a mission to find a convenient digital payment solution that could help cannabis shopping feel familiar to the modern customer. Spoiler alert: thatโ€™s exactly what they found with Dutchie Pay.ย 

Rair is a Michigan-based, vertically-integrated cannabis company with their own provisioning center, grow operation, and processing facility in addition to their chain of five dispensaries. The folks at Rair pride themselves on being on the cutting edge of the cannabis industry. They push boundaries and innovate throughout their operationโ€”from their aeroponic growing to how customers buy cannabis. This forward-thinking approach led Rair to join the alpha testing program for Dutchie Payย in January of 2022.ย 

Molly McFadden, Director of Retail Operations at Rair, explains what aeroponic growing is and what it means to their Michigan community:

โ€œSo that means that our plants are grown without soil. Instead, their roots are dangled in the air. This creates a more consistent product that we're able to control through micronutrient adjustments so that each strain is optimized for its own best use. That is something that sets us apart, makes us really excited to be in the business, and is something new and interesting to offer the Michigan cannabis user.โ€

Their growing technique wasnโ€™t the only way they wanted to be ahead of the packโ€” they wanted advanced operating systems, too.

Rair used the full Dutchie tech stack, which allowed them to rely on one source of operational truth from the following product integrations:

Cannabis connection: streamlined operationsย 

According to Molly, the company looks for solutions that are, โ€œreputable, compliant and well-functioning.โ€ Dutchie Pay checked all of those boxes and as a long-time Dutchie customer, Rairโ€™s integration with Dutchie Pay eased their customersโ€™ purchases while streamlining the dispensariesโ€™ retail and delivery operations. Her favorite part? If a problem arises, Dutchieโ€™s industry-leading Support team is always there to fix it.

Reversing the cannabis shopping stigma would require a compliant, easy-to-use, and groundbreaking payment system. Rairโ€™s goal was to find a compliant way for customers to purchase cannabis easily and make the buyer journey as seamless as possible, just like purchasing any other product. Nick Hughes, Rairโ€™s Corporate Delivery Manager, said, โ€œThe better experience we give someone, the more likely they are to return.โ€

In January 2022, Rair became the first dispensary to go live with Dutchie Pay as an Alpha tester. Almost immediately, the response from customers was first one of surpriseโ€”and then one of delight. A compliant, cash-free, and easy-to-use payment system that both streamlined operations for Rair, and made buying cannabis easier for Rair customers.

Molly chimed in, โ€œFor us, you know, offering another option of payment that makes it easier. Itโ€™s much more seamless that it doesn't require you [consumers] to run to the ATM and pay this upcharge.โ€ย 

What is Dutchie Pay and how does it work?

Dutchie Pay is the first fully-integrated online payment solution for the cannabis industry, offering simple, secure, and cash-free digital payments for dispensaries.ย 

After consumers shop on your Dutchie Ecommerce Menu, they can follow a quick one-time signup flow to connect their bank account directly to Dutchie Pay and send funds quickly and securely.

With Dutchie's cashless payments solutions, dispensaries can:

  • Expand revenue opportunities
  • Decrease abandoned carts
  • Offer customer convenience and drive loyalty
  • Reduce cash management

Nick expresses that itโ€™s more than just the transaction itself; the checkout time saved leads to a more authentic shopping experience for everyone.

โ€œIt allows us to have more of a genuine conversation with our guests and educate them on not only how we operate as a company, but the type of products that we offer as well. All in all, I've only seen benefits from moving to Dutchie Pay.โ€

Molly spoke on the concept of growing together, adding, โ€œIf we all rise as a cannabis industry, you know, customers are better off for it. So we're happy to share you guys [Dutchie]. But that being said, I think it's a real opportunity to look at how your customers interact with you and really do something for them. I know there are tons of people in the industry who are just focused on the money of things, and there are other benefits there too.โ€

Rair customers using Dutchie Pay now have a more convenient, familiar shopping experience as they would have in any other category. With Dutchie Pay, theyโ€™ve done just that. Nick explained, โ€œI don't think about pulling out my card, even when I go to McDonald's anymore. I can just pay online. Having that same ability to do so through purchasing cannabis is definitely going to change the field going forward.โ€

In addition to the consumer experience, Nick makes the critical point that Rair drivers now carry much less cash with them during the delivery processโ€”a critical security benefit of utilizing Dutchie Pay. Rair operates with the dynamic delivery model, meaning they carry inventory in the vehicle and fill mobile orders along the way; payment safety is essential to their delivery operations. Their staff feels more comfortable running deliveries now, and management also shares less concern. They successfully limited the number of upset customers at checkout. Nick explains how Rair put their customers first by providing convenience and simplicity.

โ€œThe checkout process is faster and more efficient with Dutchie Pay. Instead of telling the customer the order total, counting out change, or pulling out a terminal for a debit transaction, we just verify their ID and hand them their bag. Itโ€™s so simple.โ€ย 

When asked if she believes other dispensaries should utilize Dutchie Pay, Molly confidently replied, โ€œOur overall goal for the cannabis industry is to make it mainstream enough that people can run in and grab something and not have to think twice. Dutchie Pay really allows the customer to be able to do so.โ€

Cannabis payment processing for retailers of all sizes

Gone are the days of sketchy sums of cash and vulnerable dispensary drivers. If you want your store to follow in Rairโ€™s footsteps, contact us today to learn more.

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