March 16, 2022

Hangover-free bliss: 20 cannabis drinks to enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day

Kat Kuchtjak
March 16, 2022

St. Patrick’s Day is more than just a drinking holiday when it’s socially acceptable to pinch your friends—it's the global celebration of Irish culture. It’s also considered a day to feast in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. In the spirit of green things that encourage you to make social connections and indulge in a feast of flavors, this St. Patrick’s Day, we challenge you to drink differently. 

A quick note to those who may be new to the world of cannabis beverages: because these drinks are absorbed through the mouth and don’t get processed through the metabolism like a typical edible, they tend to kick in faster. Most people report feeling the magic within 15 minutes.

Instead of just smoking your favorite strain—shoutout to Irish Cream—you can replace your whiskey with any of these 20 cannabis beverages sold across North America:

1. Ray’s Lemonade 

Ray’s Lemonade calls their product “liquid sunshine in a bottle.” Available throughout Washington state, Ray’s produces 7 different flavors of cannabis-infused lemonades: original, strawberry, blood orange, dragon fruit, huckleberry, mango, and raspberry. Led by their chief food scientist, Dr. Geyang Wu, Ray’s crafts fast-acting drinkables are made with premium THC and CBD oils. Follow Ray’s on Instagram for more, or search for Ray’s at a Washington dispensary near you on

2. Keef 

Keef was started by a Colorado native named Erik Knutson, who mixed up the first batch of Keef Cola and let his grandmother sample it. His 85-year-old grandma hadn’t consumed cannabis before, but luckily, it was love at first sip. Today, Erik’s award-winning brand develops, manufactures, and distributes their multiple lines of drinks across seven states. These lines include sodas, sparkling waters, energy drinks, and mocktails. They’re available in dispensaries throughout Colorado, California, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica.

3. Mellow Vibes

Mellow Vibes, sold in Oregon and Nevada, released a line of cannabis-infused elixirs that come in 6 flavors with multiple sizes and potencies. Their elixirs are vegan and can be used for heavy-hitting effects or for microdosing. The family-owned and operated cannabis brand is also proud of their ratio of 60% female employees. Find your right level of Mellow Vibes on Dutchie.

4. Magic Number

Magic Number is a brand that makes sodas and ginger beer in Bend, Oregon—not far from Dutchie’s headquarters. They recently added a line of sugar-free seltzers and a limited edition series of Magic Bubbly, the champagne of cannabis ciders. What sets Magic Number apart is that their products are completely natural, strain-specific (shoutout to Mimosa fans, go check out that bubbly), and infused with live resin. Live resin is extracted from buds that’ve been flash-frozen first for ultimate freshness and terpene preservation.

5. Tonik 

Tonik seltzers are popular in California. Their Kiwi-Strawberry Vitamin Shot won the High Times’ SoCal Cannabis Cup for best cannabis beverage of 2020. The brand also offers shots for sleep and energy, as well as seltzers, and lemonades. This brand is especially consumer-friendly when shopping by effect.

6. Dixie 

Dixie makes some very fruity elixirs that sell throughout California, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Michigan. Founded in 2010, Dixie triple tests their products for quality and consistency. Their elixirs come filled with 100mg (milligrams) of THC, but all you can taste is the berry lemonade, cherry limeade, fruit punch, or mixed tea and lemonade flavors.

7. Wynk ;) 

Wynk seltzers offer a nice, light buzz of 2.5mg of THC and 2.5mg of CBD in every can. The sensation isn’t overwhelming for new users, and a positive aspect of lower-dosed beverages is that you can even have a few of them if you’d like. The brand’s goal was to create a drink that could help you unwind after a long day and prevent the possible next day’s hangover. They are sold in Missouri, Arkansas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Maine, Arizona, and expanding into New Mexico. 

8. Levia

Levia seltzers provide crisp refreshment to the fine folks of Massachusetts. The Levia Achieve Seltzer is made with a blend of strains to keep you feeling active, energized, and motivated. The Levia Celebrate Seltzer is intended to act as a mood lifter, letting its lemon-lime flavors get consumers feeling social and bright. Last but not least, the Levia Dream Seltzer can help users relax and unwind. All 3 types are only 5mg, making them super manageable to dose. 

9. Mollo by Truss Beverage Co.

Truss Beverage Co. makes the Mollo brand in Canada. Mollo is known as the “green” beer, making it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Select from Mollo Lime, Mollo 2.5, or Mollo 5 all with a light, hoppy flavor and a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. This cannabis beer is available across Canada—from British Columbia to Newfoundland.

10. Houseplant

Another famous Canadian brand is Houseplant, started by a comedic actor with a hearty laugh. Houseplant’s low-dose sparkling waters come in 3 signature citrus flavors, lime, lemon, and grapefruit. Consumer reviews say the beverages are light in flavor and just bubbly enough to initiate mellow effects. In 2021, the brand branched out to start serving dispensaries in California as well. 

11. Cann

We’d be foolish not to mention Cann’s tonics that are sweeping the nation as an alternative to alcoholic seltzers in California, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Illinois & Rhode Island. Forbes even wrote a piece on the making of Cann going behind-the-scenes with the founders Jake Bullock and Luke Anderson who met as consultants at Bain & Co. Little did they know the social tonics Bullock started making at home while attending Stanford for his MBA would soon become a sensation throughout the US. The results once they got up and properly running? A controllable, uplifting experience for their users. Read more about the brand’s journey to success in this Forbes article.

12. Oh Hi

Oh Hi is Colorado’s brand of sparkling seltzers made with naturally-occurring terpenes. Their Budtender’s Reserve series pairs a strong dose of caffeine with the THC for an energetic kick. While they pack a 100mg punch per bottle, you can easily dose it out into 10 more manageable servings—or more if you’re a connoisseur or budtender. Cannabis micro-dosers may prefer Oh Hi’s line of 10mg seltzers or want to explore their CBD options. All of their water-soluble drinks contain Stillwater RIPPLE THC or Caliper CBD.

13. House of Saka

A luxury beverage line, House of Saka California makes cannabis drinks that are on par with sparkling wines. Sourced from popular California vineyards like Napa Valley, the line includes a pink edition, a white edition, and a spark edition reminiscent of a cannabis mimosa. Their infusion uses nano-emulsion technology, in which cannabis oil is broken down to microscopic, water soluble, and self-homogenizing particles, allowing for immediate absorption through the mouth and stomach lining. What’s this mean for you? A quick, 5-minute onset.

14. Cantrip

Another user of nano-emulsion is Cantrip seltzers in Massachusetts. A low-dose alternative to traditional edibles, each Cantrip can features only 3mgs of THC and 2mg of CBD. They market it as a “sessionable” drink, meaning having a few shouldn't leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you are familiarizing yourself more with terpenes, reading each flavor’s description should give you an indication of each of their effects.

15. Mighty Kind

Mighty Kind is a holistic beverage maker in Missouri dedicated to creating the world’s finest botanical seltzers and cannabis-infused drinks. They use high ratios of other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG to get consumers feeling truly relaxed. Organically grown and gluten free, Mighty Kind drinks are made with full-spectrum hemp. This means the brand doesn’t separate parts of the plant before extraction and the resulting effect is more well-rounded. Since it only contains trace amounts of THC, this product offers less of a cerebral feeling and more of a physical sensation.

16. SIP Elixirs

SIP Elixirs are Nevada’s top-selling cannabis beverages. You can shop from six flavors or 3 moods—chill, rest, and party. Like a full-spectrum infusion, these products are made from the combined effect of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. This full effect is known as the entourage effect.

17. Hi5

Another fan of the nano-emulsification process is Hi5 sold in Maine and Massachusetts. The brand’s white cans of bubbly magic could easily replace your White Claw this St. Patrick’s Day. Some of their flavors lend well to the holidays, including the Winter Mule, Cranberry, Pomegranate, and in the warmer months—Peach Mango. 

18. Everie

If you like the idea of a high-CBD drink, but are located in Canada, check out Everie. This brand keeps it classic, with dried tea leaves in pre-filled backs, so you can just pop them in hot water. Sold in provinces across the country, Everie’s sparkling drinks and teas are infused with 98% CBD isolate with trace amounts of THC, making them a pure, low-psychoactive option for our neighbors to the north. 

19. Wellspring Field’s 

Wellspring Field’s Dr. Feel Better elixirs are essentially wellness sodas sold in Ohio. Check out their products on this Dutchie menu. Unlike a lot of the others on this list, these drinks aren’t carbonated. Wellspring Fields offers an all natural, homegrown alternative to Big Pharma. The family team at Wellspring Fields values the medicinal properties that cannabis holds, but they also believe the way in which it is grown is just as important—so they grow without chemicals.

20. Evergreen Herbal

Evergreen Herbal is a distributor that owns the brand Reimagine Wellness in Washington. Since our 5 takeaways from a new eye-opening study of cannabis consumers revealed that consumers are often more active than perceived in the past, we wanted to feature this brand that makes pre and post-workout drinks. Maybe you’re not wearing green and you need to run from a St. Paddy’s parade crowd, so here’s a fun way to do it. These small shot-sized drinks contain vitamins for the different stages of gearing up and winding down.

The bottom line

You may have noticed a trend throughout this list of infused seltzers. Hard seltzers started to peak in 2018 and people’s affinity for them is still alive and well. It makes sense why these cannabis seltzer companies are growing just as fast, because they are on the cutting edge of making cannabis more mainstream. 

Aside from bubbles, there is a potency level, production method, and ingredient list that’s right for everyone. All of these beverages cater to different consumer needs, so go to, click Shop now, search dispensaries near you, and try them out soon!

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