February 10, 2023

This Week in Cannabis News: February 10, 2023

Jay Rosenthal
February 10, 2023
February 10, 2023

Welcome to Episode 28 of This Week in Cannabis News.

Cannabis news wrap-up: week of February 10, 2023

New York cannabis dispensary openings

The first upstate New York dispensary opening in Binghamton, New York. And a little plug here: it’s also the first dispensary in New York to launch with a full suite of cashless payments options powered by Dutchie. So, check out Dutchie Pay and PIN Debit when you shop at Just Breathe this weekend.

That’s the opening, and this is the closing.

The Manhattan District Attorney and the Mayor of New York are changing tactics in New York City to close illicit, unregulated cannabis shops that have popped up throughout New York City. ABC 7 in New York City was there to actually witness a raid on one such shop this week. Link to that story is in the show notes.

First week of sales for Missouri cannabis

Missouri’s first weekend of adult-use cannabis sales began last weekend and raked in over $12 million in sales - according to MJ Biz Daily. That’s a pretty good weekend by any measure.

And it isn’t everyday that big city Mayors tweet about cannabis, but this week Kansas City’s Mayor clarified a few things about cannabis taxes in the new market. Specifically, he tweeted:

Re Weed. We've been asked & Dept of Revenue has advised cities and counties cannot "stack" marijuana taxes. Accordingly, in incorporated areas like Kansas City, only the city's 3% sales tax applies. In unincorporated area, the county's 3% does. Β There is no double (6%) local tax.

Mississippi launches medical cannabis sales

And it wasn’t just Missouri with new beginnings last week. Late last week - even after this program ran in some cases - some Mississippi medical dispensaries sold the first products to patients. Check back on Monday for a conversation with Star Buds in Oxford, Mississippi to hear how the first full week of operation turned out.

Massachusetts adult-use cannabis sales exceed $4 billion

From new markets to older markets, where total adult-use sales in my home state of Massachusetts topped $4 billion all time, according to a story in Ganjapreneur.

Canopy Growth goes through a restructuring

Canopy Growth - one of the first publicly traded and at many points the largest cannabis companies in the world - announced major layoffs and facility closures yesterday - reflecting both the market realities and the challenging economic times in the cannabis industry. International Editor of MJ Biz Daily Matt Lamers from had a much deeper look.

Featured cannabis expert: Rebecca Colett, Calyxeum

This week, our cannabis expert is Rebecca Colett, the CEO of Calyxeum - a cultivator in Detroit, Michigan. She is a dynamic black cannabis leader with deep insight into the industry, the industry in Michigan, and Detroit specifically. She is in conversation with Jalen Jones and Kwaku Abankroh of team Dutchie. This is the second in a series of conversation with black leaders in the cannabis industry during Black History Month.

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