February 6, 2023
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This Week in Cannabis News: February 3, 2023

Jay Rosenthal
February 3, 2023
February 6, 2023

Welcome to Episode 27 of This Week in Cannabis News.

Cannabis news wrap-up: week of February 3, 2023

Washington and California explore interstate cannabis commerce

Two states are making headlines by talking about interstate commerce. First, Washington is exploring what cannabis interstate commerce might look like if and only if the feds allowed it. But California is going one step further—they've have asked their State Attorney General if implementing interstate cannabis commerce agreements with other legal states would put California at “significant risk” from federal enforcement.

Wisconsin’s cannabis legalization plans

You may recall that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers made it a point in his reelection campaign to legalize medical and adult-use recreational cannabis in that state when/if reelected. He was reelected and, as promised, included a proposal in his state budget to do just that. But while most Republican lawmakers are lukewarm about medical cannabis, many do not want adult-use recreational cannabis in Wisconsin.

Garcia’s cannabis brand leaving California’s cannabis market

The Garcia cannabis brand announced this week that they are leaving the California market.

Missouri’s adult-use cannabis sales kick off

Finally, it was a very happy Friday in Missouri as adult-use recreational sales started last week in some locations, according to MJBizDaily. From the election in November to a February 1st sales date is a pretty dang quick turn-around, so happy Friday to you Missourians!

Featured cannabis expert: Jesce Horton

This week, our cannabis expert is Jesce Horton of Lowd, based in Portland, Oregon who is in conversation with Jalen Jones and Kwaku Abankroh of team Dutchie. This is the first in a series of conversation with black leaders in the cannabis industry during Black History Month.

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