March 6, 2023

This Week in Cannabis News: March 3, 2023

Jay Rosenthal
March 3, 2023
March 6, 2023

Welcome to Episode 31 of This Week in Cannabis News.

Cannabis news: week of March 3, 2023

Oklahoma’s cannabis legalization measure on ballot

Next week is cannabis election week in Oklahoma, and Republican leaders are urging voters to reject the legalization measure on the ballot. Their argument is that the measure - if passed - would lead to increased drug use among children and would not generate significant revenue for the state - both of which are untrue in nearly every market that has legalized.

Canadian federal government’s cannabis tax intake

According to a report from the Canada Revenue Agency, the Canadian government has collected over $1 billion in excise taxes from cannabis products since legalization in 2018. The amount of taxes collected has been steadily increasing each quarter.

In Tennessee, still no medical cannabis

If you live in Tennessee, it may seem like you’ll never get medical cannabis. Once again, Tennessee lawmakers rejected a medical cannabis bill, which brings us to this reminder: that Tennessee is one of eleven states with no medical cannabis program, according to MJBiz.

Medical cannabis in Mississippi gets a boost in Gulfport

But, five medical marijuana dispensaries have been given the green light to open in Gulfport, Mississippi. The city council approved the licenses for the dispensaries.

And with that, this is probably as good a time as any to shout out our friends and partners at the Mississippi Cannabis Schoolβ€”which provides compulsory training to cannabis professionals in that state.

Featured cannabis expert: Cole Terry, Co-founder of Astro Buds

This week, our cannabis expert is Cole Terry from Astro Buds in Chaparral, New Mexico. We wanted to have Terry talk about the business, their approach, and how their operations work. This conversation was recorded as part of a recent webinar: Banking & Payments in Cannabis Today.

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