September 26, 2022

This Week in Cannabis News: September 23, 2022

Jay Rosenthal
September 26, 2022

Welcome to our wrap-up of Episode 10 of This Week in Cannabis News.

Here’s what you need to know this week

U.S. cannabis market updates

Minnesota's state legislature legalized cannabis edibles—with a catch. They must be derived from hemp. If you're interested in the full backstory, we hosted Jason Tarasek from Minnesota Cannabis Law on this program just last month. But now, Vireo, a licensed medical cannabis company, is suing the state saying that the current sale of edibles infringes on their constitutional rights. Read more in Marijuana Moment.

Also in Minnesota, as reported in Axios, restaurants in the Twin Cities are now experimenting with THC beverages.

Cannabis on the ballot: 2022 midterm elections

It’s election season, which means cannabis is now front of mind for politicians running for office or for re-election. In Wisconsin, the Democratic incumbent Governor is vowing to put legalization into the next State budget, but only if reelected in November.

In Oklahoma, voters will get a chance to vote on a legalization effort—just not this year. The state's Supreme Court cleared the way for an election, but not until the next (next) statewide election after November.

In Arkansas, a measure may (or may not) be on the ballot this November, pending a court ruling challenging the measure. Either way, the Republican Governor has already weighed in, stating he would vote 'no'—and encouraged other residents to do the same. All this according to MJ Biz Daily.

In Maryland, voters will be deciding on a legalization measure this November. In fact, the latest polling has 59% of Marylanders voting 'yes' on the measure in November. If the legislation passes, that's another East Coast domino!

Speaking of dominos that have fallen, let's head over to New York. Regulators there recently agreed to rules around allowing medical cannabis patience to grow their own.

In Connecticut, Fine Fettle was awarded 6 cannabis licenses to build social equity partnerships for dispensaries in that state.

And finally, Canada is about to undergo a review of the Cannabis Act that federally legalized cannabis. The review was set to get underway last year, but better late than never. More on this important update from StratCann.

Featured guest: Corbet Campbell, General Manager at The Green Lady Dispensary

This week, our guest is Corbet Campbell, General Manager at The Green Lady Dispensary in Nantucket, Massachusetts. We wanted to connect with Corbet because of the unique nature of doing business in Nantucket—and how those unique characteristics are made even more challenging by federal laws and compliance.

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