January 18, 2022

Dutchie acquires Leaflogix and Greenbits, closes $200M Series C

March 16, 2021
January 18, 2022

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve officially acquired LeafLogix and Greenbits, two of the leading point of sale solutions in the cannabis space. In addition we’ve closed our Series C, a $200M investment led by Tiger Global, with participation from Dragoneer and DFJ Growth.

Since Dutchie was founded in July 2017, we’ve always been hyper-focused on our retailers. We’ve taken pride in being there when they need us and building a product that’s designed to solve the unique challenges they face in this industry. As technology in the space has evolved, the relationship between point of sale and ecommerce has taken center stage, and continuously investing in these partnerships has long been a top priority for Dutchie.

LeafLogix and Greenbits have always been great partners. As we grew closer we found that these companies, in particular, shared our passion for customer success and our beliefs around the benefits cannabis can have on society. Over time it became clear that officially bringing our teams and technology together would create unparalleled opportunities to build solutions for our retailers. Thus, the decision was made for Dutchie to acquire both companies. With these acquisitions we knew that major investments would be needed to grow our teams and build new technology, so in addition we raised our Series C—a $200M round led by some of the most prominent technology investors in the world.

With point of sale and ecommerce systems playing a central role in the tech stack, we believe it’s important to enable retailers to choose the technology that best suits their operation. As such, we look forward to continuing our contributions to a healthy partner ecosystem in cannabis. For Dutchie, LeafLogix, and Greenbits, investing in our API’s and integrations will remain a top priority, staying true to our commitment to provide a platform that puts retailers first.

As we turn towards the future, we look forward to bringing innovative, transformative technology to retailers, and doing our part in contributing to the forward progress in the cannabis space.

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