August 19, 2022

Where power meets simplicity: introducing Dutchie POS

August 23, 2022
August 19, 2022

In today’s saturated market, cannabis dispensary operators need tools that support their business as it grows. Achieving sustainable growth, however, involves investing in a Point of Sale (POS) that does more than just process transactions. It calls for a tool that enables them to sell online and in-store, attract new customers, and most importantlyβ€”keep them coming back for more.

LeafLogix is now Dutchie Point of Sale

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Dutchie POS, bringing together the power and configurability of LeafLogix with a newer, more modern interface that supports cannabis dispensaries of all sizes.

Dutchie POS is the result of deep research into the customer experience and over a year of working and optimizing to deliver a solution that is tailored to meet the needs of cannabis retailers just like you.

What can I expect from Dutchie POS?

1. Configurability

Dutchie POS was carefully designed to provide expansive customization options for cannabis dispensaries of any size.

  • Customization preferences allow you to create a simple, streamlined experience for management on the back end, budtenders working on the front end, and customers at the point of purchase.
  • You can directly adjust the settings determining what transaction data is curated and be better equipped to run their business exactly as you wish.
  • Dutchie POS empowers you to make even the most minute changes to your user interface, from requiring a new data field for customers registering a profile, or a specific setting for when new inventory arrives.

2. Automated Compliance

Tracking compliance, traceability, and varying state regulations is a top challenge for today’s cannabis retailers. If you’re a dispensary operator, you understand how important the ability to quickly pivot is in the 2022 cannabis landscapeβ€”and you need technology that can keep up with evolving compliance regulations.

  • Dutchie POS automatically incorporates compliance and traceability tracking into every action in every legal market across North America.
  • By automating meticulous processes, Dutchie POS also frees up retailers’ and budtenders’ time to provide better service to customers.

3. Reporting and Data

Robust built-in data collection capabilities not only offer visibility over a dispensary’s sales performance, it also helps operators communicate more effectively with customers, get visibility over their team’s performance, and identify opportunities for continued growth.Β 

Dutchie POS offers extensive configurability opportunities. As a retailer, this allows you to establish specific settings on what data fields are pulled following each transaction.

  • Having customizable and readily accessible data reporting empowers retailers to receive exactly the data you need to improve their business results.
  • Retailers have access to over 200 reports that provide advanced visualizations and contextualized data, all built into the system for quick and easy access.
  • Data provided via Dutchie POS is highly actionable, compiling robust business reports and customer insights to empower retailers to make data-driven business decisions.

4. Intuitive Design

A user-friendly POS ensures your team is spending their time helping customersβ€”not learning the ins and outs of your latest tech investment. When your budtenders feel comfortable using a tool as important as your POS, productivity skyrockets.

The configurability component of Dutchie POS allows cannabis dispensary operators to create a simple, streamlined user interface that’s quick to learn and easy to use.Β 

  • Budtender onboarding and training is typically a long process with a steep learning curve, but the Dutchie POS simplifies the process and empowers budtenders to better serve customers sooner.
  • Dutchie POS can help address high budtender turnover rates via its intuitive and customizable user interface, making it easier for staff to do their jobs.
  • The easy-to-use inventory management and checkout software is designed to quickly serve customers and maximize transaction volume.
  • Dutchie POS streamlines order preparation, route building, and at-the-door checkout to improve both the budtender and customer experiences.

5. Fully-Integrated Payments

Providing your customers with a modern retail experience is a crucial competitive advantage in the cannabis industry. Leveraging payment solutions that allow customers and dispensaries to escape the cash trap helps improve sales volume while reducing the risks associated with operating an all-cash business.

Dutchie POS integrates seamlessly with Dutchie Pay and our in-store debit solution. Payments simply appear on screen, with no manual entry required. Integrated payments allow you to provide your customers with a safe, easy, and convenient checkout experience; all the while driving bigger basket sizes, eliminating human error, and reducing the headaches associated with cash management.

One Point of Sale, many solutions, better together

Dutchie is the only complete platform for cannabis retail operations, offering integrated Point of Sale, Payments, and Ecommerce software. We make it easy for dispensaries of all sizes to scale and grow with industry-leading solutions that streamline operations, maximize revenue, and generate repeat customers.

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