May 8, 2023

This Week in Cannabis News: May 5, 2023

Jay Rosenthal
May 8, 2023

Welcome to this Week in Cannabis News for Friday, May 5, 2023.

Cannabis news: week of May 5, 2023

NBA will not get in on the cannabis industry

Remember a few weeks back there was cannabis news about a new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and their players that would allow NBA players to take part in the cannabis industry? Well, the NBA would like to clarify. According to SF Gate, the NBA recently refuted reports suggesting that a cannabis clause was included in their latest labor deal. The League maintains that its players will continue to be blocked from promoting cannabis companies or launching their own brands till at least 2029.

SAFE Banking hearing on May 11

SAFE Banking will get a hearing in the Senate Banking Committee on May 11th. Recall that SAFE Banking has been introduced and reintroduced many, many, many times- but has failed to pass the Senate.

Vermont record cannabis sales

Vermont's cannabis sales reached a record high of $6.5 million in February, according to state data. According to state data, Vermont's cannabis sales reached a record high of $6.5 million in February. More from Heady Vermont.

Maryland bill is signed

Medical dispensaries will be able to add adult use if they've paid a fee and new licensed will roll out after July 1 in Maryland. Maryland Governor Wes Moore has signed a bill into law, with sales set to commence in time for July 4th long weekend.

Cannabis expert: Evan Wilner, Far & Dotter, Maryland

For this week’s Cannabis Expert, a recorded conversation Far & Dotter’s Evan Wilner, recorded at their flagship location in Timonium, Maryland on 4/20.

Read more about Far & Dotter: Far & Dotter Boosts Cashless AOV by 25% in 30 Days with PIN Debit.


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