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This guide makes it easy to set up your PIN Debit system. We'll provide everything you need to start taking PIN Debit payments including sharing best practices on how to get the word out to boost your average order value by 24%.
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How to talk to customers about Dutchie Pay

Quick and easy tips on introducing Dutchie Pay in customer conversations.
Elevator pitch
Example pitch
If you don't want to pay with cash, we have a cash-free option that's super easy to sign up for and doesn't require ANY fees.

To sign up, all you have to do is select Dutchie Pay at checkout. You’ll be guided through a quick one-time sign up where you can securely connect your checking account and then submit your order.

Then, you're good to go! Every purchase you make here moving forward will only take one click.
Additional talking points to reference
Convenient: you no longer have to fumble with cash or cards.
Free: there’s no cost to you—not even those pesky ATM fees.
Flexible: Dutchie Pay integrates with 5k+ US banks, so it’s sure to work with yours.
Safe: Dutchie will never share your financial information.
Wondering how shoppers can sign up for Dutchie Pay?
Point them to your specific menu URL so they can easily shop from your dispensary, sign up, and complete their order with Dutchie Pay selected as the payment method.
Select your terminal
Pax A920 Pro terminal setup
Connecting to the Dutchie POS
Processing transactions
PIN Debit reports in Dutchie POS
Move 5000 terminal setup
Point of Sale setup
Processing transactions
PIN Debit reports in Dutchie POS
Desk 3500 terminal setup
Point of Sale setup
Processing transactions
PIN Debit reports in Dutchie POS
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Setting up your reader
How to get your Ingenico hardware up and running.
Read the guide ↓
step 01
Connect to Wi-Fi
  • On the first boot a prompt should be displayed with the message, SET UP WI-FI? Press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY to be taken to the CONFIGURE WI-FI section of the Tetra Admin.
  • Select 1-SCAN NETWORKS.
  • Once scanning is complete SELECT YOUR WIFI NETWORK’S SSID. If your Wi-Fi network is hidden or it’s SSID is not displayed select “Other” to enter it manually.
  • Type in your Wi-Fi network’s password then press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY. You’ll be returned to Tetra Admin. If the device was able to connect to the network the Wi-Fi symbol in the upper left corner of the screen should now be green.
Pro Tip
If the SET UP WI-FI? prompt was not displayed, the CANCEL (RED) KEY was pressed, or one of the menus timed out due to inactivity, CLICK HERE to be taken to the next steps, and follow STEPS 1A-1E.
step 02
Complete Download
  • From the idle screen press the F KEY (SILVER CIRCLE KEY).
  • Select ADMIN MODE if given the option.
  • If prompted for the admin password type 123456A.
  • Then press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY.
  • Select TETRA ADMIN.
  • Select 2-START DOWNLOAD.
  • Press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY when prompted to “Enter package name”. No value is needed.
  • The device will reboot TWICE then settle on the idle screen.
step 03
Set Date & Time
  • Complete the same steps from the idle screen -> press the F KEY (SILVER CIRCLE KEY) -> Select ADMIN MODE -> If prompted for the admin password type 123456A -> Then Press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY -> Select TETRA ADMIN.
  • Then select either SET DATE or SET TIME.
  • Enter time in hh:mm format and press ENTER (GREEN) KEY.
  • Enter date in mm/dd/yyyy format and press ENTER (GREEN) KEY.
  • Press the ENTER (GREEN) KEY again, then press CANCEL (RED) KEY twice to return to idle screen.
step 04
Setting Up 4G
  • Insert the SIM card where it states SIM CARD, in the photo.
    — SIM card should have CONTACT PLATE face down, and it slides up into the device to lock into place
  • Reboot the terminal, hold the # KEY and the YELLOWKEY
    — Once the terminal is powers back up, give it about 5 minutes to fully connect to the network. Then you can attempt a transaction.
    — You will see connection bars, like on a cell phone, in the upper left corner.
Connecting to Dutchie POS
How to get your PIN Debit reader connected to your POS.
Read the guide ↓
step 01
Adding Serial Numbers
  • Once logged into the back office, go to the left rail and click through Settings -> Integrations -> PIN Debit.
  • Next select Device Configuration -> Add Device.
  • Enter a unique name for the Device Name.
  • Identify the Device ID located on the back of the device & enter it in the Device Serial Number field (SN number-16 digits starting with 309) -> Click save. Note: You may need to remove the back cover to find the number.
  • Repeat for every payment terminal that needs to be linked to a register.
step 02
Assigning Terminals to Registers
  • Next, on the left rail click through to Settings -> Devices.
  • Click on the register you want to link to your payment terminal.
  • Scroll down and select a terminal from the dropdown menu next to PIN Debit terminal field to link that specific register -> select Save.
  • Repeat for every register.
  • Note: Only 1 register can be linked to 1 payment terminal.
step 03
Enabling Integration & Tipping
  • Go to the left rail and navigate back to Settings -> Integrations -> PIN Debit.
  • Select the dropdown next to Enabled and select Yes -> Save.
  • You can also enable or disable tipping. If disabled, then the tipping options will not appear on the payment terminal screen when the customer is prompted to process their payment.
Processing a transaction
How to checkout a customer using PIN Debit.
Read the guide ↓
step 01
Processing a Transaction on the POS
  • Once the order is complete and the customer is ready to checkout, the budtender will select SELECT PAYMENT TYPE at the bottom of the screen, which populates an option to choose cash or debit, select DEBIT.
  • Select EXACT DEBIT. The amount will then be sent over to the PIN debit terminal.
Pro Tip
The order details can be expanded by selecting the arrow to display discounts & loyalty, and taxes.
step 02
Processing a Transaction on the PIN Debit Terminal
  • The terminal receives the transaction from the POS. If tipping is enabled the terminal will prompt the customer to select a TIP or NO TIP, by pressing button 1 or 2 -> it will then prompt them to select the tip amount by pressing the numbered button that correlates with the tip amount on the screen.
  • The terminal will display the order details. The customer confirms the order by selecting the ”-” button below ACCEPT.
  • The customer then SWIPES their debit card.
    *Note: Tapping is not currently supported.
  • The customer then ENTERS THEIR PIN -> confirms by pressing the GREEN BUTTON.
  • The transaction is then TRANSMITTED to the processor. The processor then responds with either an APPROVAL or DECLINE.
  • The transaction is then sent back to the POS from the terminal.
step 03
Finalizing the Order
  • The budtender will see the notification banner showing APPROVAL.
  • The order details will show the updated amounts.
  • The budtender then selects PAY -> then they select DONE to finalize the order.
  • The order is complete, and the receipt will provide the order details, as well as the payment information.
Pro Tip
If you require a manager PIN at time of check out, you have an additional step that is done prior to selecting the DEBIT payment method.
• Enter the PIN number in the EMPLOYEE PIN field -> select DEBIT
How to Process Returns on PIN Debit Terminals
  • Press the GREEN ENTER KEY from the idle screen.
  • Press the 1 KEY or scroll to 1-RETURN and press the GREEN ENTER KEY.
  • Enter the RETURN AMOUNT and press the GREEN ENTER KEY.
  • Pass the terminal to the customer to SWIPE their card.
  • Transaction receipt prints.
Pro Tip
  • To process returns and voids on the register, you will need manager permissions.
  • Returns and voids cannot be undone, even by Dutchie support agents.
  • Be sure to understand your locations return and void policies, as well as any applicable local policies.
  • Process the return in the terminal prior to processing the void on the register, but be sure to always process in both locations to ensure reporting matches.
Cancelling a transaction
  • If the budtender has already selected EXACT DEBIT and sent the transaction to the PIN debit terminal, but needs to cancel the transaction, the transaction needs to be cancelled on both the register and the PIN debit terminal.
  • To cancel the transaction on the terminal, press the RED button.
  • If the customer has already entered their PIN, the transaction cannot be cancelled.
Tips & Tricks
Common Declines
  • Failure to route transaction, no routes found - card is not supported
  • 51 - insufficient funds
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