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Celebrate Earth Day early this 420 with 20 parks and cannabis pairings

Kat Kuchtjak
April 18, 2022

Disclaimer: Please be mindful that legal restrictions regarding consumption differ within each of the following locations, and the individual is responsible for adhering to said restrictions. Consume responsibly and always make sure you have a designated driver.

420 was a journey from the day it was born. As our history of 420 blog reveals, the most widely-accepted and beloved theory of where 420 originated can be traced back to 1971 in San Rafael, California. Five teenage best friends, known as “The Waldos”, devised a plan to search for an abandoned cannabis crop—the location of which was hidden on a treasure map created by the grower. They typically gathered to search at—you guessed it—4:20pm. After several failed attempts to locate the crop, The Waldos abandoned their search and 420 quickly evolved into a code that the friends used as an invitation to smoke cannabis.

This 420, let’s be blunt: nothing is better than feeling elevated  with Mother Nature. Since 420 falls just before Earth Day—and smack dab in the middle of National Parks Week—we’re sharing 20 cool product and location pairings to get you exploring the outdoors and appreciating this green turf we roam. While we didn’t all grow up in the picturesque town of San Rafael, beauty can be found all around us.

Here are 20 outdoor excursions you could enjoy this 420 across North America:

1. Alaska

Ice ice, baby! We had to start off this list with a peak experience, and that is the one you could have visiting Denali National Park and Preserve. Mount Denali can be seen all the way from Anchorage, Alaska and it’s the highest mountain in North America. Book a bus trip to the park before you go and consider scheduling a wildlife hiking tour within the park. Not feeling up to a whole day of hiking? That’s ok, one of the most coveted views of Mt. Denali can be seen from the Eielson Visitor Center. To heighten the experience, we recommend you pop a Black Cherry Dosed Edible before you go. They’re available in mellow, yet uplifting, gummy bites. These treats can only enhance the sights you’ll see.

2. Alberta

Another place you’ll want to pack warm for is Jasper National Park, nestled in the southeast corner of Alberta. Visiting this park is like diving into an OG Windows screen saver. The trails along the Pyramid Bench are open all year long, so if you’re feeling up to it, you can walk or bike to the top in just a few hours. Patricia Lake or Pyramid Lake are perfect picnic stops along the way. If you want to feel as tranquil as the waters, Glacial Gold’s vaporizers and oils are made with naturally-occurring terpenes. Try a 1:1 Anytime cartridge for a soothing vibe when you’re home and ready to unwind.

3. Arizona

Ginger and umber-colored lands invite you to Saguaro National Park, the home of the largest cacti in southern Arizona. Since cacti are known for their ability to survive in dry conditions, they are a pillar of warmth and maternal love to the Native American community. The giant saguaro plants have become the symbol of the American west and they are incredible to admire in person. With a number of trails to chose from, you could be spotting great horned owls, discovering petroglyphs of the ancient Hohokam tribes, and trek across the sandstone desert. Uncle Herbs, winner of the Best Edible in Phoenix, makes Chill Pill capsules that can help counteract the physical stress before a rough hike and leave you feeling relaxed for hours to come.

4. British Columbia

Vancouver’s premiere destination, Stanley Park, is North America’s third largest park. The waterside attractions include beachy areas, splash parks, and outdoor teahouses. From the art to the gardens, here’s what to see at Stanley Park. While we can’t condone smoking in public, roll up and smoke some Pink Kush flower from Pure Sunfarms before you hit the park. You may find yourself “coasting” along the sea wall without a worry.

5. California

Big Sur is a breathtaking stop down Hwy 1 between Carmel and San Simeon, California. With cliffs dropping off into the ocean, you can hike, sight see for whales, otters, and seals, or just find a pretty place to watch the ocean’s tide rise and fall. Big Sur is known for the iconic Bixby Bridge and Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, which is home to McWay Falls. The 80-ft falls, also known as a tidefall, empties into the Pacific Ocean and leaves traces of golden beach in its wake. Tucked away in Lake County, Northern California is Aster Farms. The sustainably-sourced flower growers are known for their environmentally-conscious practices. Making Mother Nature proud, Aster Farms practices regenerative agriculture including no till soil practices, cover crops, and beneficial insects and pollinators to achieve natural products. Throughout the state, their Day to Night Packs carry enough pre-rolls for a whole day of adventure, from stimulating strains to those suited for unwinding.

6. Colorado

This hike is recommended for experienced hikers, because it can take over five hours to get there and back. Lake of Glass Falls is located in Rocky Mountain National Park. If conditions are still snowy, consider bringing some climbing gear for extra traction. The Glacier Gorge Trailhead or the Bear Lake Trailhead can both take you there, so make sure to be mindful of the road conditions at the end of April before deciding your route. There are actually three waterfalls along the way—Alberta Falls, The Loch, and Timberline Falls—that are all just as mystical and worth checking out on your adventure. Don’t forget to pregame with your Incredibles Peanut Butter Buddah Bar for a bit of added magic.

7. Washington, DC

Walk along the National Mall and Memorial Parks in Washington, DC to feel like Forrest Gump reuniting with Jenny. Known as America’s front yard, The National Mall is a picture-perfect 2-mile stretch between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. Make a wish in a fountain as you inhale your Abatin DC 2:1 Active Cartridge for a euphoric hit of energy that will keep you skipping along the rows of Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

8. Illinois

Spend the day at Morton Arboretum soaking in all the visual splendor. Located 25 miles from Chicago, this spot can be a refreshing change of pace from the city. The 1,700-acre tree oasis offers calm wooded trails or places to sit with a blanket and take in the sights. Thrillest says the West side of the park provides a more chill vibe and you find the secret spot over Lake Marmo. Before you hit the trail, a few hits of Rythm’s Jack Herer flower can lift your spirits and elevate your mind.

9. Maine

Haven’t been to Acadia National Park yet? Well, what are you waiting for? Wrapping along the coast is a 47,000-acre Atlantic Ocean recreation area on Maine's Mount Desert Island. Listen to the call of the seabirds as you hike along the rocky beaches and look out at Cadillac Mountain’s magnificent peaks. Be cautious of the snacks you pack, as wildlife is prominent in this area. What could enhance the experience? Light up beforehand with B Noble by Curaleaf for more than just their pre-roll packs, but also what they stand for. Their website paints the story of Bernard Noble, a Black American who was arrested for riding a bike with 2 pre-rolls in his pocket in 2010 and he was originally sentenced to 13 years. Every time you light a B Noble pre-roll, you’ll enjoy high-quality flower and you’ll help fix the injustice by giving 10% of your proceeds to mending cannabis criminalization. 

10. Manitoba

Are you a sucker for clear, tranquil waters? Then Clearwater Provincial Park is the ideal place for you. Perfect for fishing, hiking, or camping, you’ll find something fun to do at Clearwater Lake. Whether you’re swimming in the 35-feet depths or relaxing at the shore, the entire lake offers visibility to the bottom. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, check out the Clearwater Lake Caves, which are not actually caves but cracks in the earth formed from massive rock splits, breaking cliffs at the lake’s shoreline. Need something to sip during your outing? TWD., commonly known as Tweed, makes a low-dose Raspberry Iced Tea that pairs well with this breathtaking scenery.

11. Massachusetts

If you’re not in the mood for these epic parks, check out this quaint seaside town just north of Boston in Newburyport, Massachusetts. This town’s offerings include a sculpture garden, restaurants serving the freshest seafood, delightful boat excursions, and more. 1906 supplies some of the most popular, fast-acting edibles in the state and you can choose by your desired effect. Their pill line includes Go (for energy), Genius (for brainpower), Bliss (for happiness), Love (for arousal, but consider saving this one for the bedroom), Chill (for relaxation), and Midnight (for sleep). 

12. Michigan

Want to see a lake that literally looks like the Caribbean in Michigan? Torch Lake is a must see. Soak your feet, hang out on the sand bar, or get crazy with some water sports—no matter what you choose, there’s more than one way to feel lifted at Torch Lake. And if you wakeboard too hard and feel sore afterward? Rub some Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Compound on your limbs. You should be feeling groovy again in no time.

13. Montana

For sprawling landscapes, consider visiting Glacier National Park. You may not want to leave! The glaciers melt into the waters beneath and soft clouds paint the vibrant skies. From mountains to lakes and the scenic drives surrounding them, Mother Nature comes out to play at Glacier National Park close to Columbia Falls, Montana. Bite into a 5mg craft-made Unwind Gummy, made by High Road Edibles, before your journey. The grapefruit and blood orange flavors are both tart and sweet, and they take center stage over the full spectrum THC extract they’re made with. Users report feeling calm and content with their surroundings.

14. Nevada

The Spring Mountains area in Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest are referred to as “sky island” since it’s a melting pot of ecosystems, elevations, and climates. You can see the differences in the foliage, where desert plants thrive at the bottom and conifer brushes the sky at the top. That CannaPunch’s Watermelon Nectar you may have drank could have you feeling on top of the world as you summit the range of trails around the mountains. These gluten-free beverages are native to Colorado but have made their way to the natural surroundings of Sin City.

15. Newfoundland and Labrador

We had to include the literal edge of North America with its thick forests, sweeping coastlines, and dramatic rock formations. Cape Spear and White Bay are both known for their whale-watching. Don’t worry about a boat, they can be seen from land without binoculars. You might catch a glimpse of some porpoises too. Find a spot along the ocean and watch as these magnificent creatures splash upwards and backwards. A Sunny Day Citrus Soft Chew form Monjour will only enhance your gaze. The wellness brand’s gummies are vegan-friendly because they’re made without gelatin.

16. Ontario

We had to pull a classic move and mention Niagra Falls. Let the salty water refresh your skin as you move closer to enjoy the view. Journey behind the falls for what is arguably the best attraction. Check your vibe before the adventure with Redecan’s Root Beer Redebels. The crown-shaped gummies are made with CO2-extracted oil and feature your favorite soda flavor combined with a hint of vanilla. You might even be comfortable popping a couple edibles since they are 2.5mg a piece. Let the scenery take you away!

17. Oregon

You’ll still find snowfall during Spring at Crater Lake, so be sure to check the National Park’s site for the clearest routes and open roads along the rim. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the US, with a dormant volcano tucked under its blue waters. The mystery of Crater Lake runs almost as deep as its waters, because its formation from the collapse of ancient Mt. Mazama makes it one of the 7 Wonders of Oregon. How could you enjoy 420 at this incredible spot without a hand-made baked good? Nicknamed “the Martha Stewart of edibles” by the New Yorker, Laurie + Maryjane is a family-owned and women-led company who makes some of the tastiest edibles to meet your lips. Eat some of their Cheese Crisps before you embark on your journey.

18. Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan offers a lot of different types of terrain, from waterside views to rolling sand dunes, but we’ve decided to choose The Crooked Bush as our primary 420 suggestion. These sidewinding aspen trees inspire more than meets the eye. Their branches twist and turn in horizontal and downward directions, giving the appearance of something out of a Tim Burton film. While you admire them, your mind can wonder about the undetermined scientific mutation that caused them. Could something extraterrestrial have happened here? Inhale your high-terpene, full-spectrum extract (HTFSE)-filled pen by Dab Bods and spend some time mulling it over.

19. Washington

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the diverse landscape and ecosystem of Olympic National Park. This huge expanse of history includes glacier-capped mountains, old rainforests, and over 70 miles of wild coastline. It is an incredible sight you must experience to believe! Heylo is a Seattle-based brand that makes CO2 vaporizers from full bud extractions without additive terpenes. CBGeezus is one of their popular proprietary blends that’s rich in Carophyllene and Humulene. With a clear head and an outwardly-focused perspective, the CBGeezus 5/10 cartridge or Pax Pod just might leave you feeling balanced and ready to breathe in the fresh flora and fauna.

20. Yukon

Kluane National Park in the southwestern territory of Yukon offers some of the most extreme natural phenomenons—including Mount Logan with the highest mountain elevation in Canada. You don’t even have to summit the mountain to enjoy views laced with striking glaciers along the world’s largest non-polar ice fields. Since BC Bud is known as some of the finest, we recommend you pick up some Frost Monster from Broken Coast Cannabis sold throughout Canada. With a bittersweet inhale and a spicy exhale, the brand’s Frost Monster strain serves up a mix of mood-boosting Limonene, relaxing Linalool, and focusing Caryophyllene terpenes. Upon consumption, you should feel refreshed and ready for hiking, kayaking, rafting, climbing, and snowmobiling around this incredible park. 

You should be prepared to venture anywhere as the world opens up again. If these places aren’t easy for you to get to, wander around in some local nature while you let your mind wonder. Epic parks are cool but with a full-spectrum gummy or a trichome-rich nug, 420 can truly be celebrated anywhere.

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Happy 420 from your friends at Dutchie!

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