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How to prepare a competitive dispensary application in Alabama

Jay Rosenthal
October 28, 2022

On October 26, 2022, Dutchie - along with our partners at the Alabama Cannabis Industry Association, Cure8, Point7, and Native Black Cultivation - hosted a webinar titled: Best Practices for Preparing a Competitive Application in Alabama.

The program provided an overview for would-be cannabis industry applicants in Alabama about the best-practices when putting together competitive applications.

Dutchie’s Offerings for the Alabama Cannabis Industry

Matt Cox from Dutchie shared details about how Dutchie works with would-be cannabis industry applicants in Alabama.

Alabama Cannabis Industry Overview

Chey Garrigan from the Alabama Cannabis Industry Association and Antoine Mordigan from Native Black Cultivation shared details about the cannabis industry in Alabama right now.

Preparing a Successful Application for Alabama Cannabis Operators

Ashley Picillo of Point7 shared details from her and her firm’s experience about how to prepare a successful cannabis business application in competitive cannabis markets.

Information Technology and Security for Your Alabama Cannabis Business

Eric Schlissel, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Cure8, shared best IT practices for cannabis businesses.


Panelists fielded questions from the online audience preparing applications for the cannabis industry in Alabama.

Guide for Alabama Cannabis Industry Applicants

The State of Alabama has put together a guide to would-be cannabis operators in that state to help applicants navigate the process. The site includes details for all license types available in Alabama, including:

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