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The 411 on 4/20: 3 retail trends and insights from April 20, 2022

April 27, 2022

In preparation for 4/20, we discussed the importance of a well-stocked inventory. As the industry continues to evolve as the result of ongoing product innovations, fluctuations in consumer and retail trends are more apparent than ever. For cannabis retailers, this means your overall business success hinges on how in-sync you are with your customers' product preferences.

To dig deeper on the trends resulting from product innovation, we looked to our own POS and Ecommerce data to analyze key metrics around sales performance, category popularity, peak sales times, and more. Today, we're throwing it all together in an easily digestible infographic, with additional commentary below. Keep reading to discover what we found—and how you can apply these learnings to your inventory strategy.

3 takeaways from this 4/20's most popular product categories

1. Flower reigns supreme (for now)

No doubt about it: flower benefits from its reputation as the go-to crowd favorite year after year.

But in 2022, it made up less than half (43%) of all 4/20 sales via the Dutchie platform, while other product categories—including vapes, edibles, and concentrates—grew. And despite its overall lead, flower sales actually decreased 6% from 4/20/2021 (49%). This indicates a clear shift as shoppers gravitate towards new consumption methods.

2. Vape sales increase as shoppers cite potency, convenience

Vapor products came in at 25% of all 4/20 sales via the Dutchie platform, a noteworthy 5% jump from 2021 (20%). It's not surprising that they've proven to be particularly popular among younger consumers, who cite potency, subtlety, and convenience as top benefits. Arshad Lasi, CEO of the Nirvana Group, a vertically-integrated MMJ in Tulsa, Oklahoma, observed an uptick in folks buying vapes as the demand for discreet, convenient products rises.

With COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, Lasi added, “people want things that they can consume at a place like a sporting event.”

3. Non-smoked formats are also growing

Edibles (11%) and concentrates (10%) saw modest YoY increases via the Dutchie platform. It's worth noting that edibles are important for attracting new consumers who might feel intimidated by other consumption methods, such as pre-rolls or dab rigs. Others don’t want to inhale smoke and find eating edibles easy, discreet and convenient. Due to their dosage, edibles can also deliver a consistent, measurable amount of cannabis.

Miscellaneous products such as tinctures, topicals, and clothing accessories comprised less than 3% of all sales.

How did your dispensary stack up on 4/20?

Your tech stack is the foundation of your retail operation. Your tools should sync quickly and accurately to reflect proper sales data. From in-store to online, Dutchie’s technology offers control where you want it—and flexibility when you need it. Book a demo today.

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