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Webinar wrap-up: A beginner's guide to cannabis insurance

Jay Rosenthal
September 12, 2022

Since the cannabis industry is still moving through the complexities of federal law, only a select few understand state business requirements and the role they play in the cannabis sector. Plus, in states where cannabis legality is still in its infancy, it’s hard to determine which insurers can provide services—and if their coverage is fully reliable.

As a dispensary owner, that means it’s up to you to investigate a provider before accepting them as your covering agency.

To help cannabis professionals understand cannabis insurance more fully—and to discuss how Dutchie can help U.S. dispensary operators secure the right coverage—we hosted a webinar titled A beginner's guide to cannabis insurance, where we were joined by our own Mauricio Comi (Head of Insurance) and Liz Ely (Senior Manager, Dutchie Insurance).

What is cannabis insurance?

Mauricio Comi shared Dutchie’s unique approach to finding cannabis businesses the right business insurance for their needs. As well, Comi shared why Dutchie is not offering insurance to cannabis businesses.

The importance of quarterly reviews

Liz Ely, Senior Manager of Dutchie Insurance walked webinar attendees through the simple process Dutchie follows to assess the needs and right policies for cannabis businesses. Ely provided insight into why an ongoing and quarterly review of insurance needs is especially valuable in the dynamic cannabis industry.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Dutchie Insurance, visit http://business.dutchie.com/insurance to connect with Mauricio Comi and Liz Ely.

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Jay Rosenthal
Lead Content Producer @ Dutchie